How to Take a Stunning Group Photo the Solange Knowles Way

By now we've all seen the stylish and artistic group portrait from Solange Knowles' New Orleans nuptials and if you're interested in recreating the perfect moody group shot, you're in luck. Knowles' photographer Rog Walker recently revealed to Fader his tips and tricks for nailing the perfect composition for a photo containing all of your neatest and dearest while highlighting their strengths as individuals. 

Step 1: Give your photographer a plan. "In general, all photographers need to have visual references; otherwise, you're just making things up and hoping that they look good," Walker told Fader. "You need to know the perspective, the angle, and the lighting that you're going for."

Step 2: Make sure the light it right. "You have to start with a good image, so take a few test shots to see what the lighting will be, and adjust accordingly," the photographer said.

Step 3: Highlight the importance of each individual. "You need to make each person feel like they're getting their photo taken, or else they won't be fully there," he said. "If you see someone feeling alienated or a little left out, you have to engage that person one-on-one and make them feel included with conversation and compliments."

Head to Fader to read the rest of Walkers tips and shop some of our favorite frames to display the perfect photo below!

Have you ever taken an artistic group portrait? Share your best tips below!