The Surprising New Trend in Family Vacations

Although a remake of the movie Vacation recently came out, the days of the traditional family vacation are gone, according to the The Wall Street Journal. Instead of traveling as a group, the modern family spends its vacations on one-on-one trips where a single parent brings an individual child to do something fun and fabulous by themselves. This means more parents are vacationing with one child at a time, leaving the other siblings and parent at home.

According to travel agents, parents are also spending more on these one-on-one excursions by splurging on international adventures. "This kind of family travel fits with several broader changes in ideas about parenting. Our culture today does value parents spending time with children and having that specialized relationship. Parents really want to nurture individual interests," the WSJ story notes. A one-on-one vacation with a single parent and child also eliminates spousal jealousy and sibling rivalries.

Planning a vacation soon? You’ll need a heavy-duty weekender.

Have you ever traveled alone with a parent or child? How did the vacation go?