7 Best Solo Weekend Getaways That Won't Make Your Feel Alone

Solo Weekend Getaways

Most people would agree that it's important to travel alone at least once—nothing compares to the self-discovery, experiences, and acquaintances you'll make on a solo journey. But if you've ever arrived at a hotel bar on the beach somewhere far away with no one to talk to but the bartender, you know that traveling alone (and enjoying it) is easier said than done…until now.

A new crop of travel companies has caught on to the fact that most millennials live alone longer, stay single longer, and lead busy lives with demanding careers. Enter: hyper-curated short solo weekend retreats based on personal interests, time, and budget. Hotels have also jumped on the solo traveling train, offering wellness packages, retreats, and other communal activities to keep guests healthy, happy, and entertained. Solo travel no longer means wandering the streets of a foreign city alone.

Ready to give solo traveling a try? We handpicked the best solo weekend getaways to test out the waters.

For the Social Butterfly: For the Love of Travel

Courtesy of For the Love of Travel

For the Love of Travel offers group trips for people ages 25 to 39, and it's more than your average Contiki tour. On top of larger international trips, the company offers a weekend city series in partnership with Thrillist. Explore Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver, New Orleans, Austin, and more in small groups. You'll find there's no better way to discover a new city than with a group of new friends.

For the Mindful Soul: The Standard Retreats

Solo Weekend Getaway Retreats
Courtesy of Standard Hotels

Find your balance in Miami Beach at the picturesque Standard Hotel & Spa. The gorgeous property, located on an island off South Beach, hosts weekend wellness retreats that include yoga, dance conditioning, and guided meditation.

For the Free Spirit: Wanderlust

Best Solo Weekend Getaways
Courtesy of Wanderlust

Find your true north at Wanderlust, a series of festivals held all over North America, from beautiful Whistler, Canada, to Lake Tahoe, California. The four-day festivals are filled with music performances, yoga and meditation programs, group hikes, runs, and bike rides, as well as a variety of talks and workshops. One thing's for sure: You won't get bored.

For the Fun Enthusiasts: The Asbury Hotel

Best Solo Weekend Getaways Destinations
Courtesy of The Asbury

If retreats aren't your thing but you still want to feel part of the action, graduate from your standard hostel and head to the Jersey Shore (yes, you read right) to the Asbury Hotel. Revitalizing the entire region, the Asbury is the Brooklyn crowd's version of the Hamptons—it offers outdoor cinema nights, live music, sunrise yoga, and more.

For the Gourmet Yogi: Yogascapes

Solo Weekend Getaways to Try
Courtesy of Yogascapes

Yogascapes offers retreats around the country and the world in beautiful places from Sonoma to Nicaragua. The shorter weekend retreats are typically hosted stateside, with 2020 trips to the Philippines, Croatia, and California. Each retreat is unique and provides an intensive yoga program, wellness workshops, incredible wholesome food, and inspiring adventure.

For the Beach Bum: Surf Yoga Beer

Summer Solo Weekend Getaways
Courtesy of Surf Yoga Beer

Surf Yoga Beer offers the perfect blend of surfing, wellness, and a healthy dose of partying for those who want to let loose. With retreats in stunning locales from Ibiza to Havana, it's a well-balanced schedule for those who want to switch it up. The shorter retreats are typically four days long and take place in countries like Iceland, Italy, and Morocco.

For the Boutique Traveler: Miraval

Solo Weekend Getaway Ideas
Courtesy of Miraval

A five-star retreat like no other, Miraval in Arizona offers wellness packages that include spa treatments, steam rooms, healthful meals, yoga, meditation, fitness, lectures, hiking, and photography. If you need to disconnect and recharge for a few days, this is the place to do it in luxury and style.

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