This Is Why Some People Sweat More Than Others (and What to Do About It)

Updated 10/16/17

Ever notice that you and your workout buddy can do the same class, but one of you is drenched in sweat while the other is left with only a hint of perspiration? It's not necessarily because one of you is working harder than the other. How much sweat you produce depends on factors like your gender, how many sweat glands you have, and if you feel anxious, PopSugar reports.

Your body produces sweat in order to cool you down and maintain a healthy body temperature. It turns out that women have more sweat glands than men, but their glands are not as active, which is why fit men sweat more than fit women.

Your fitness level could also impact how much you sweat during a workout. Fit people sweat more efficiently when exercising, which means they'll sweat sooner even though their body temperature is low. Overweight people generally heat up faster, causing more sweat.

If you're concerned about how much you sweat, there are a few habits you can adjust to help you perspire less. Drinking caffeinated coffee, alcohol, and smoking can all cause excess sweat, so try limiting your intake. You can also wear more breathable fabrics instead of synthetic materials that tend to trap heat.

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