A #Girlboss Offers Wise Words on Credit Card Debt

The story of how Nasty Gal’s CEO went from dumpster-diving drifter to head of a $100 million empire is the stuff of legend. Sophia Amoruso recounts her meteoric rise in her book, #GirlBoss, which is filled with helpful tips on how to become a, well, boss.

But perhaps the most useful piece of advice Amoruso doles out in her book is how to avoid credit card debt. The fashion impresario recounts how a $28 purchase from Victoria’s Secret turned into crushing debt right under her nose.

“At the register, the salesperson asked me if I wanted to sign up for a Victoria’s Secret card, and I said yes,” Amoruso recalls. “I thought I was signing up for a rewards program where I’d earn points toward a free bra or something.”

Amoruso goes on to explain that she unwittingly acquired her very first credit card, and because of her nomadic lifestyle at the time, she never got her hands on a bill. Before she knew it, Amoruso’s credit had been completely decimated.

She warns against accumulating credit card debt because oftentimes, making just the minimum payment means losing huge amounts of money to interest.

“Like my A-cup bra did for me, it is the little things that can and will wreck your credit,” Amoruso adds. “Parking tickets can end up costing you thousands of dollars and court dates. You could suddenly find the apartment of your dreams only to be denied because of that Target card you signed up for and forgot about while buying a mop, a sports bra, and mayonnaise.”

Spoken like a true #girlboss.

For more of Amoruso’s story, pick up a copy of #GirlBoss, and let us know how you avoid credit debt.