The One Word All Women Should Stop Saying, Now

Okay, so here's a quick test: Try to count how many times you've said "sorry" just this morning. Let's help you out a little. Did you say sorry to your partner for the disturbance when your alarm went off this morning? Then you held your child before you left and apologized for going to work today. You probably uttered it to the barista when you sipped your coffee and realized it was too hot or needed more sugar. How about when you tried to merge lanes in heavy traffic and the car in front of you refused to let you in? Or when you ordered a grilled sandwich and they forgot to add the extra cheese you asked for? There's five already, but we know there's more, right? So you know what? Just stop.

None of these events needs an apology. They aren't your fault, so why are you apologizing for them? Thanks to a very popular 2014 Pantene ad, women all are rethinking the word "sorry" and why they say it so much. A 2010 study in the journal Psychological Science found "women have a lower threshold for what constitutes offensive behavior," so therefore we feel the need to say "sorry" in normal, everyday situations. Let's make a collective effort to be conscious of how many times we say it and next time just cut out the word "sorry" altogether; you'll see the sentence stands up perfectly well without it. Feel the need to say something? "Excuse me" is a great alternative.

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