What Precious Auction Brought in Almost $61 Million at Sotheby's?

N09054-398_web The Magnificent Jewels Sale from the New York location of Sotheby's auction house has ended and the highest bidders rewarded. Exceeding the $58M expectations, the sale brought in almost $61M proving that jewelry is an art form and collectors are willing to pay accordingly. Precious stones like malachite and lapis, popular trends we're currently seeing in interiors, proved just as enticing to buyers as diamonds and emeralds. Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 3.51.37 PM Not only are we swooning over the gems themselves but we're also fining interior inspiration in these vintage items. We're having colorful visions of dining rooms and libraries based around the palates and contrasting textures of the pieces. All of the jewels shown here originated around the 1920s and confirm that good taste never goes out of style. N09054-455_web To read more about the auction, head to the Sotheby's blog.