Get the Look: A Home Gym Inspired By SoulCycle

With hordes of celebrity devotees and top interior designers as fans (Kelly Ripa and Nate Berkus, for starters) the popularity of SoulCycle is unparalleled. A full-body workout aimed to not only tone and energize but also center the mind and body, the indoor-cycling phenomenon encourages its riders to "Take your journey. Change your body. Find your Soul." With a heavy emphasis placed on design (the company employs design teams on both the East and West Coast), we turn to their spaces for inspiration in our own home gym. 03 Getting yourself to work out can be a very difficult thing. If the space where you work out is a space where you actually want to be, imagine the possibilities. When it comes to color schemes, simplicity is the name of the game. Keep the space clean, simple, and bright through use of minimal colors. Also, don't underestimate the power of editing. Decide where the color is going to be and stick to it. The space should feel relaxed and effortless, but also bright and energized. 02 Soul Cycle takes pictures all of their riders who want to be on our Polaroid wall to record their experience. It's a collective that documents the journey and how much you can change your body if you put your mind to it. Replicate the same idea in your space by periodically adding progress photos in an artful arrangement. And don't underestimate the power of words. The walls within our studios have meaningful mantras to inspire our riders. Create the effect in your gym with stick-on decals in interesting typography. 01 Utilize high ceilings wherever possible, as well as light washes and cove lights. These details allow the walls to slip behind one another and soften edges. Lighting should always come from three sources, never just one overhead. Multiple light sources allow a space to feel more natural. In Soul studios, you'll find candlelit rides and playful neon signage, which help further lend a soft sense of serenity to a space. Now, what's more motivating than that? dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-header-04
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SoulCycle Bike, $2200, SoulCycle Straight Road Wall Mural, $300, Tre Barstool, Price Upon Request, Arenson
soul4  soul2 soul6
PS Cabinet, $99, Ikea SoulCycle Headphones, $48, SoulCycle Faro Stainless Steel and Frosted Glass Hurricane, $18, All Modern
soul8 soul3 soul9
Skull Candle $26, Hild Store Neon Sign, $500, Marcus Conrad Poston White Orchid, $40, Ava's Flowers
  Photographs: Courtesy of SoulCycle