How a Nashville Interior Designer Decorates With Effortless Southern Charm

In many ways, the south is defined by its homes. When visiting Nashville, Tennessee, from the cramped streets of an urban city, like Los Angeles, rolling green hills, spacious front lawns, and homes propped up by columns and exposed brick look like something out of a fairytale. Houses in the famous neighborhood of Belle Meade are fixtures in the city and you can only imagine the Southern décor trends that lie behind their front doors.

One person who has that quintessential Southern charm down to a T is Nashville-based interior designer Sarah Bartholomew, whose designs you can now snag from Pottery Barn. For her, it all comes down to the fact that people in the South simply cherish their homes (and they use them far more than someone living in a 500-square-foot New York apartment likely uses theirs). She explains that when you cherish the place you call home, it translates into your décor. Ahead, Bartholomew shares how she uses décor to style homes in a way that's classic, timeless, and full of Southern charm. Here's how it's done.