This Charming Wraparound Porch Is Straight Out of The Notebook

Remember when Allie asked Noah for a wraparound porch in The Notebook? And he built one for her even though he didn't know if she would ever come back? And then she came back, and they grew old in it together? So do we (clearly), and we've been dreaming of a real-life wraparound porch with coastal Southern charm ever since. Well, leave it up to style influencer and world traveler Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam to design a porch that's, dare we say, even better than Noah's labor of love. 

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, her new porch is bursting with relaxed yet sophisticated alfresco vibes, plus some contemporary touches that give it a decidedly chic and preppy appeal. In a few words, she describes her "front porch as a wrap­around style inspired by low-country coastal homes," and we'll just add that one look at it will make you want to throw a summer soirée. Keep reading to hear more from Engel and learn about her style choices and tips.