Soylent's New Breakfast Invention Sounds Too Good to Be True

Photo: Courtesy of Soylent

Soylent first made waves in the food industry with the release of its nutritionally complete drink and powder supplements. Designed to replace food entirely, Soylent was meticulously crafted to include a full nutritious profile in each 400-calorie bottle, leaving Soylent drinkers feeling full, replenished, and energized.

But the makers of Soylent seem to have realized that people simply can't do away with their morning coffee. Enter Coffiest. Released today, the brand-new caffeine-infused supplement from the Los Angeles–based company adds to its impressive suite of "complete, convenient foods."

"Breakfast sets the tone for the entire day, but busy people all too often skip it entirely," said Soylent CEO and founder Rob Rhinehart, who lives off of his products entirely, in a press release. "Now with Coffiest you can get the nutrition your body needs enhanced with caffeine and L-theanine as mild nootropics. It also tastes great!"

Photo: Courtesy of Soylent

Coffiest is made with real caffeine and includes the same comprehensive nutritional profile that Soylent drinkers have come to expect from the meal-replacement beverage. The L-theanine works as a mild relaxer and works "in concert" with the caffeine to "boost cognitive performance" throughout the day. Containing 20% of your daily intake of all essential vitamins and minerals, Coffiest is basically eggs, bacon, and coffee all rolled into one.

While we have yet to try Coffiest for ourselves (taste test and review pending!), we're definitely intrigued by this concept. Would you give Coffiest a try? Share your thoughts below and then pick up a 12-pack of the new supplement.