Meal Replacement Soylent Is Healthier Than the Average American Diet

It turns out the controversial meal replacement drink Soylent is actually healthier than the average American diet. While the supplement is nutritionally sound, it is arguably ill-equipped to replace meals indefinitely, as the creators had intended.

Made with tapioca-derived starch, soy protein, algal oil, and beet sugar, critics often complain that the vegan drink is too bland in taste, while others refuse to believe that a single drink will ever replace food entirely. The minds behind Soylent reportedly consume the beige concoction exclusively, but it has failed to catch on as a full-blown food replacement for the rest of Americans. For these various reasons, it's almost embarrassing that this somewhat failed foray into experiential eating is healthier than what we choose to put in our mouths every single day.

"North Americans are simultaneously overweight and malnourished, and a diet like Soylent, for all of its flaws, provides less of the problem ingredients like sugar and cholesterol and more of the nutrients," writes The Atlantic's Jessa Gamble. "There have been questions about Soylent’s nutritional content, and yet, the company’s proprietary mix is almost certainly an improvement on the average North American diet."

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