These Are the Secrets to Getting a Spa-Worthy Bathroom

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There comes a point during every visit to the spa when you stop to think, “Maybe I could live here?” Sometimes it comes in the middle of a pedicure when you look down wondering how you can take the foot bath home with you. Or, it’s when you’re inside a steam room hoping that your shower might be able to produce the same magical effects. Unfortunately, we’re sad to tell you that you can’t move to the spa. And you certainly can’t steal their foot bath either. 

But what you can do is incorporate small elements of decor and styling that bring the same level of tranquility to your home bathroom. For peaceful baths and showers, it’s all about finding ways to add dried eucalyptus and storage for your stockpile of bath bombs. And for the relaxing ambiance, we defer to cozy seating and textures. 

Ahead, we rounded up 19 of our favorite ways to bring the spa home — from easy organizing hacks to small, inexpensive upgrades. You can (and should) give yourself the bathroom of your dreams. There’s no need to constantly drop your paycheck at the spa. Keep scrolling for our best tips and tricks for instant zen.

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Dim the Lights

Never underestimate the power of tealight candles. The gentle, warm lighting creates an instantly calming atmosphere that can be enjoyed whether you’re soaking in the tub or simply doing your nighttime skincare routine. Just make sure to be safe — our favorites are the battery-powered candles that flicker just like the real deal.

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Bring in Greenery

Bring an element of the outside into your bathroom, just like you might find in a private spa at a tropical resort. To get the most out of your leafy greens, switch things up between plant size and type. And if you’re not quite lucky enough to have natural light, try faux greenery.

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Add Eucalyptus

Not only is dried eucalyptus absolutely gorgeous as an element of decor, but it’s also the perfect way to bring the scent of the spa into your bathroom. Just hang it near the shower head or bathtub and let the steam transform the entire room into a eucalyptus steam room.

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Invest in Fancy Soap

It’s an unwritten rule that any fancy restaurant, hotel or spa has Aesop soap. For the same sophisticated ambiance, clear your counters of everything except a single bottle of Aesop soap. Sure it’s slightly expensive for just a hand soap, but it smells divine and the design of the bottle just exudes spa vibes.

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Dress the Part

Nothing screams “spa” quite as much as a big, fluffy white robe. Give your cozy robe a place of its own, right outside of the shower — just hang it with a decorative hook, and it’ll feel like you’re inside a luxurious treatment room.

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Keep Products Organized

Clawfoot tub or no clawfoot tub, the one thing we love about taking baths is having everything within close reach. That’s why this three-tiered open shelving unit is the ultimate furniture piece for spa-like tranquility. It stores everything you’d ever need for a peaceful bath.

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Add a Display

If you’re an avid bath taker, put your bath salts, bombs, and bubbles on full display with clear apothecary-inspired jars. When you’re ready to soak, you can help yourself to a melody of your favorite goodies — just like a kid in a candy shop.

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Bring in Cozy Textures

Cold, tiled floors have never been our cup of tea. Frozen toes are not exactly what you want the second you jump out of the shower. Instead, we’re a fan of large, soft statement rugs like this vintage-inspired light blue rug.

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Add Hooks

Even if your bathroom feels more like a closet than a luxurious 4-star spa, there are easy ways to fake it ‘till you make it. For minimal storage that holds all your body and bath products, try hanging rails with s-hooks.

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Swap Out Hardware

When it comes to spas, all that glitters is gold. At least, it is with the hardware. For an instant upgrade to any bathroom space, change out the shower head, drawer pulls and sink hardware to a shiny brass finish. It’ll make you feel like you’re spending time in a five-star hotel instead of a shared bathroom in your two-bedroom apartment.

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Hide Your Mess

You might have more product than you could ever possibly use up (we’ve been there too!), but you can easily avoid looking messy with a few organizational baskets. Get one design in multiple sizes so you can hide the mess away in a way that looks like you’ve got everything under control — even if you don’t.

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Collect Essential Oils

If you want your bathroom to not only look like a spa, but smell like one too, it’s all about the essential oils. Stock up on your favorite scents — from lavender to chamomile and everything in between — and then display them on open shelving until you’re ready to blend and diffuse. 

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Add Some Seating

Let’s be real for a second: if you really want your space to feel like a spa, there has to be a seating area. You know, the kind where you relax and do a foot soak after you’ve put your mud mask on. This simple white slipper chair is that seat. The slim profile and puffed cushioning makes it cozy without taking up too much room.

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Corral Your Favorites

We believe that there’s nothing quite as blissful as a jetted resort bathtub with mini toiletries set aside in a basket. Give your own home the same level of elegance with a basket of your favorite bath favorites, right at the edge of the tub: soap, loofahs, towels, you name it. 

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Bring in Moody Vibes

There’s something magical about twinkle lights — and no we don’t mean the kind you hang on a tree. These ones are the kind that make even the dullest of spaces feel instantly calm as soon as the sun sets. To make sure they don’t look like holiday lights, let them drape effortlessly from the ceiling to floor.

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Upgrade Your Shower Head

The shower heads that usually come with apartments and condos are never the highest quality. Sometimes they’re even a little leaky. For a quick, and fairly inexpensive upgrade, install a rain shower head. To get the most out of the shower head, install it with an adjustable rod so you can always have the perfect angle.

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Treat Yourself to Warm Towels

Towel warmers are one of those lavish bathroom accessories you’ve always dreamt of, but never considered necessary. It’s the type of gift that you sometimes give newly weds, but otherwise would never realistically buy for yourself. Well, we say, go big or go home. Treat yourself to a warm fluffy towel that feels like it’s fresh out of the dryer. Pure. Bliss.

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Swap Out Tiles

You might not be able to emulate the heated tile flooring from a fancy day spa, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some thought into your bathroom flooring. This patterned tiling doesn’t distract from the minimal decor. Instead, it elevates the space ever so slightly with a sophisticated design.

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Add a Fridge

Skincare fridges are having a moment right now — and deservedly so. They don’t take up too much room on the counter, but inside, there’s plenty of room to store your jade roller, serums, face masks and eye gels. Instant de-puffing at your fingertips? Yes please.

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