This Is the Best Country for Solo Travel

There’s something so exciting about traveling alone. It’s always an adventure: You learn a lot about yourself, and you're forced to make new friends along the way. From Bali to Bermuda, the world is literally a solo traveler’s oyster. However, one country stands out among the rest, according to research performed by Pinterest and recently highlighted on Travel + Leisure. The place that people of both genders are dying to travel to? Spain.

As someone who has traveled extensively through Spain on my own, I have to agree. It’s an awesome country to visit by yourself! The culture is welcoming and inclusive, the history and architecture is stunning, the sangria flows, and if you’re smart and sign up for a few classes, you can even pick up the language. Not to mention the deliciousness that are jamon Iberico and salt cod croquettes! Other destinations of choice for solo travelers include Italy, Scotland, Hawaii, and Chile. Planning a solo trip?

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What countries have you traveled to by yourself?