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20 Functional and Inspiring Spare Room Ideas to Try

A spare room turned into a music room

Arbor & Co.

Got a spare room? You’re in luck. Putting a bit of thought into this space will go a long way, and turning a spare room into a guest bedroom is just the beginning. Try designing a space that works for you daily (versus a room someone else uses once in a blue moon).

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite spare room ideas for you to try.

Don’t be afraid to stack the function of each space. For example, if you’re envisioning a music room, but it also happens to be the only spare room for your guests, add in a day bed or pull-out couch to maximize function.

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Game Room

Erin Williamson Design

Erin Williamson Design

Poker nights with friends or monopoly sessions with family, design a game room just for leisure. To create the most epic space, use storage credenzas or tall shelving units to organize your game boards and gadgets. To add some youthful energy, plop in a patterned rug, bright hues through an accent wall, or striking wallpaper.

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Client Meeting Space

Britt Design Studio

Britt Design Studio

If you’re a business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur that regularly hosts meetings with clients and vendors, it’s time to upgrade your home office. When done right, your space will feel collected and professional. A home office that feels appropriate enough to host in-person meetings and doubles as a private workspace is a win-win.

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The Home Office & Gym Combo

Alvin Wayne

Alvin Wayne

Whether you’re working from home 100% of the time or adopting a hybrid model, how does canceling distractions like dryer buzzers, pets, and kids sound? Your very own space that pumps your creative juices and helps you actually enjoy working from home. To top things off, add in some exercise equipment to foster healthy breaks (without needing to leave home).

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Music Room

Arbor & Co.

Arbor & Co.

Whatever instrument you play, you can design this space to be inspiring for you. And with a separate music room, you can also keep all your equipment in one organized place. The best part: you can control the noise levels by adding acoustic paneling.

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Home Theater

A sectional sofa in a den

Ashley Webb Interiors

For this spare room idea, craft any of your open rooms into a movie haven. It may be best to save this design scheme for larger spaces, but if you happen to have a tinier room, it's not a deal-breaker. However you approach this space, be sure to pick the right-sized TV for optimal viewing.

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Record Room

Black and Blooms

Black and Blooms

If you’re a record enthusiast, outfit a viable listening space in your home with the right layout and speakers. Use rugs, space fillers, and cushy textiles to minimize sound reflection too. Use your listening room to lounge and wind down after a long day.

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Play Room

A play room for children in soft neutrals

Calimia Home

If you have kids, toys can creep up just about anywhere. To contain the fun (and clutter) in one space instead, use your strategically as a sectioned-off playroom. Now, your kids have their own sweet space without adding mess everywhere else.

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Home Library

Becca Interiors

Becca Interiors

Are you a book worm? Create a reading space for you to really enjoy your books. Invest in custom made built-ins or arrange credenzas with stacked hutches to mimic this gorgeous look instead. Getting lost in a good book in your designated reading room is bound to give you a calm and quiet experience.

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Meditation Room

Vostock Getty Images

Vostock / Getty Images

Need to get into a better state of mind? Meditative spaces will offer you a time to rest, relax, and unwind from the day.

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Plant Room

Mocha Girl Place

Mocha Girl Place

Calling all plant lovers: your spare room is the ideal place to tap into biophilic design. Fill it up with luscious greenery and inject your personality here by choosing creative pots, stands, and hangers for an artsy look. Don’t forget to pick plants according to your lifestyle, home’s sunlight levels, and pet-safety needs. Lack a green thumb? Start with resilient plants like succulents, cacti, or air plants.

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Private Home Office

Brexton Cole Interiors

Brexton Cole Interiors

If you don’t plan on hosting clients or meetings at home, design private home office quarters that marry your style and workplace needs. Add décor and accessories that make you happy (and productive).

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Yoga Studio

Getty images: miljko

miljko / Getty images

Out of all the ideas on this list, this one is probably the easiest. All you need to create a clean, relaxing retreat is simple pieces of décor and a yoga mat. Having an at-home yoga studio can increase your discipline and confidence while saving you money on class fees. Plus, now you can incorporate your unique style so it truly feels like a sacred spot to relax.

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Walk-in Closet

Studio KT

Studio KT

Short on space? Use a to design a full walk-in. For a custom look, add built-ins and paint them a color that feels good to you. Bonus: if the room is right next to your bedroom (and if structural changes allow), you may be able to create a door that adjoins both spaces.

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Lounge Room

Chelius House of Design

Chelius House of Design

For a space that feels like pure decadence, blend in all your comforts. Think: cozy throws, cushy pillows, and a mini-fridge to hold some refreshers. Bring in some lighthearted lighting and cover your walls in wallpaper with a soothing motif.

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Kids Homework Room

Reena Sotropa

Reena Sotropa

For an office space that’s durable and family friendly, create a workstation for children’s homework. Add plenty of storage units to keep office supplies out of sight for the ultimate child-friendly and chic at-home work space.

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Home Gym

Getty Images: John Keeble

John Keeble / Getty Images

Did you think working out at home won’t be as effective as a gym? Think again. Use this idea to stay fit without leaving home (or paying gym memberships). Add a wall-to-ceiling mirror on one side and organize your exercise equipment in the center. To free up horizontal real estate, hang wall organizers to keep your exercise accessories within arm's reach.

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Guest Bedroom

Nile Johnson

Nile Johnson

Of course, one of the more obvious uses for a spare room is to turn it into a guest bedroom where you can host friends and family. Invest in good, classic furniture and neutral textiles in the space so that it is appealing to your guests. But fair warning: it might be difficult to get them to leave.

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Laundry Room

Cathie Hong Interiors

Cathie Hong Interiors

If your laundry room is in your basement or closet, it’s worth the investment to move its location. Depending on the size and space available, you can turn your spare room into a full laundry room equipped with cabinets, a folding table, sink and extra storage. If you have pets, consider adding a washing station for the ultimate utilitarian spot that’s pretty enough to not feel like a chore.

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Multi-Purpose Room

Maite Granda

Maite Granda

If having a designated room for one task isn’t possible, create zones that will form a multi-purpose space. For example, add a pool table on one end of your space and place a sectional on another for lounging and movie nights.

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Craft and Art Room

Twelve 15 Design Studio

Twelve 15 Design Studio

Need a creative outlet? Whether its crafting, sewing, or painting, create a comfy space to help you stay on task.