Spend Money, Feel Better:
5 Guilt-Free Sites to Shop Now

title-01 THE FEEL-GOOD FACTOR: Sourcing primarily from companies that are members of the Fair Trade Federation and the World Fair Trade Organization, Connected Goods strives to connect the consumer to the artisan behind each project--so you know the African fan that's going above your bed will support a weaving group in Northern Ghana. THE LOOK-GOOD FACTOR: From the Savannah Leather Storage Bucket, handmade in a co-op in Rajasthan, to the wild olive wood Triple Well Storage Dish crafted by expert Kamba wood carvers in Kenya, everything on the site is pretty much stop-and-stare-worthy.
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Savannah Leather Storage Bucket, $125 Wild Olive Wood Triple Well Serving Dish, $32  Handmade African Fan, $18
  title-02 THE FEEL-GOOD FACTOR: A nonprofit social enterprise, Indego Africa assists female-owned businesses in Rwanda in achieving sustainable economic independence through access to markets and education. They partner with for-profit cooperatives in Rwanda and export their goods through an online store, as well as through collaborations with stores including J.Crew and Nicole Miller. Profits go to fund training programs for African women in management, entrepreneurship, literacy, tech and health. THE LOOK-GOOD FACTOR: Talk about objets d'art. The shop's bold colored and geometric-patterned plateau baskets, which range in colorway from coral burst to hypnotic black-and-white, are crafted using needles and fine plant threads, finished with a signed hangtag, and the epitome of striking.
dh-feel-good-companies-indego-africa-01 dh-feel-good-companies-indego-africa-02 dh-feel-good-companies-indego-africa-03
 Navy Pattern Plateau Basket, $48 Blue & Red Plateau Basket, $48 Coral Burst Plateau Basket, $48
  title-03 THE FEEL-GOOD FACTOR: A member of the British Association of Fair Trade Shops, London-based online marketplace Nkuku was created with the goal to promote and develop the traditional skills of the artisans its founders encountered on their travels in Africa and India, and in economically supporting them, improve their living standards. THE LOOK-GOOD FACTOR: There's something very country house about the shop's diverse genre-spanning offerings: from a dainty stainless steel floral dining set, to reclaimed wood and industrial-inspired furniture.
dh-feel-good-companies-nkuku-01 dh-feel-good-companies-nkuku-02 dh-feel-good-companies-nkuku-03
Mango Wood Pizza Board From $38 Pansa Floral Jug, $43 Bapoto Stool, $215
  title-04 THE FEEL-GOOD FACTOR: Hand and Cloth's kantha blankets are hand-stitched in Bangladesh by women at Basha, an organization devoted to helping survivors of exploitation and at-risk women gain job skills and find work through training programs. THE LOOK-GOOD FACTOR: Truly exquisite hand-stitched cotton kantha throws made from reclaimed cotton sari cloth patterned with dainty florals and punchy angular motifs.
dh-feel-good-companies-hand-and-cloth-01 dh-feel-good-companies-hand-and-cloth-02 dh-feel-good-companies-hand-and-cloth-03
 Clothed With Strength No. 67, $160 Wisdom No. 8, $98 Wisdom No. 18, $98
  title-05 THE FEEL GOOD FACTOR: Matching a global network of artists with traditional Nepalese carpet makers, Made by Node creates beautiful handmade rugs with craftsman who are paid fair wages and taught literacy and skills. Profits also go to support a school and an orphanage in Nepal. THE LOOK-GOOD FACTOR: Hand-knotted Tibetan wool rugs featuring playful designs by notable designers and illustrators that range from whimsical animal motifs to limited-edition abstract graphic treatments.
 dh-feel-good-companies-made-by-node-01  dh-feel-good-companies-made-by-node-02 dh-feel-good-companies-made-by-node-03
Limited Edition | Petra Börner, $1460 Limited Edition | Lesley Barnes, $1460 Limited Edition | Serge Seidlitz, $1460