6 Spiced Rum Drinks To Help You Pretend You're On a Beach Vacation

Spiced rum cocktail in a large punch bowl.

Sugar And Charm 

Believe it or not, but you don't have to pack your bags and head to the tropics to enjoy a delicious cocktail that's made using spiced rum. An assortment of spiced rums can be found in your local liquor store, and the internet is teeming with spiced rum recipes that range from the astonishingly simple to the deliciously complex. So, unpack those bags, grab a bottle of one of your favorite spiced rums and get to mixing one (or two!) of the tempting cocktails ahead.

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Persimmon Spiced Rum Old Fashioned

Rum Old Fashioned resting on a table.

Hello Glow

The Recipe: Persimmon Spiced Rum Old Fashioned

The Hero Ingredient: Although the Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail, there are likely thousands of variations. This twist on the Old Fashioned is extra unique given that it calls for homemade persimmon puree.

Pro Tip: Lindsey Johnson of Hello Glow keeps things simple by opting for a persimmon puree over muddled or sliced persimmon. "I’ve used both sliced and pureed persimmon in cocktails before, but for this Spiced Rum Old Fashioned, I decided to use the puree because muddling it in a glass is a bit messy and requires a shaker with strainer," she reveals.

Why We Love It: There's something about a rum-based Old Fashioned that immediately summons thoughts of lounging outside a rum bar in the Caribbean.

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Root Beer Rum Creams

Root beer cocktail with a Baileys floater.

How Sweet Eats 

The Recipe: Root Beer Rum Creams

The Hero Ingredient: In addition to spiced rum, this recipe also calls for Baileys Irish Cream liqueur, and in turn balances the boozy with the decadent.

Pro Tip: How Sweet Eats' Jessica Merchant reveals that her Root Beer Rum Creams are a fun option for mixing up Happy Hour. "It could definitely be served as a dessert drink, but it’s a really fun happy hour cocktail too," she says.

Why We Love It: Dessert cocktails are a great option when you want to go less boozy or simply want to spice up dessert. There also isn't any ice cream used in this cocktail, so you don't have to worry about running up your calories too much.

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Sweet + Spicy Chai Tea Cocktail

Tea cocktails in two glass mugs, garnished with cinnamon sticks.

Hello Glow 

The Recipe: Sweet + Spicy Chai Tea Cocktail

The Hero Ingredient: Apple cider serves as the only sweetener in this cocktail, but it's quite the delicious one.

Pro Tip: If you're entertaining, Hello Glow's Stephanie Gerber provides tips on how you can make a big batch version of her Sweet + Spicy Chai Tea Cocktail. "To make a big batch, use a half-gallon of cider and 8 ounces of chai concentrate or 10-12 chai tea bags, simmer and leave covered on the stove on the lowest setting," she explains. "You’ll want to have guests add the rum to their glasses."

Why We Love It: Despite being super simple to make, tea cocktails always come through in the taste department.

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Pineapple Orange Party Punch

Spiced rum cocktail in a large punch bowl.

Sugar And Charm 

The Recipe: Pineapple Orange Party Punch

The Hero Ingredient: Fresh squeezed orange juice makes all the difference in a cocktail. It boasts a fresh, tart taste that just isn't present with store bought orange juice.

Pro Tip: When creating a punch bowl of this big-batch cocktail, don't forget your garnishes! "Slice oranges, lemons, and pineapple to garnish the punch," says Eden Passante of Sugar & Charm.

Why We Love It: When it comes to entertaining, time is a necessity that just isn't available. So, with only five ingredients and super simple directions, this Pineapple Orange Party Punch is ideal for a crowd.

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Spicy & Stormy Booch

Cocktail with crushed ice and lime wheel.

The First Mess


The Recipe: Spicy & Stormy Booch

The Hero Ingredient: With its welcome acidity and inviting flavors, kombucha has quickly become an excellent mixer for cocktails. For this twist on a Dark & Stormy, ginger-flavored kombucha is used for an added dose of spice.

Pro Tip: Laura Wright of The First Mess recommends using a certain type of ice for this drink. " I prefer crushed ice for this one! Just adds a nice textural element to the fizz," she says.

Why We Love It: Swapping out ginger beer for ginger-flavored kombucha is a delicious and healthy twist.

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Bubbly Spiked Dirty Chai Latte

Cocktail with black boba pearls at the bottom of its glass.

Sugar & Cloth 

The Recipe: Bubbly Spiked Dirty Chai Latte

The Hero Ingredient: Heavy whipping cream adds a layer of decadence to this fun, tea-based cocktail.

Pro Tip: Sugar & Cloth recommends that this Bubbly Spiked Dirty Chai Latte also works well as a mocktail. "Of course, you can always skip the liquor and whip this up for your next morning coffee," they explain.

Why We Love It: The addition of large black boba pearls make the Bubbly Spiked Dirty Chai Latte as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.

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