4 Split Pea Soup Recipes to Cozy Up With on a Chilly Day

My only real memory of split pea soup is from when my great aunt used to make it when I was a kid—every few months or so, she would save a ham bone to make the broth. At that age, I was wary of anything green (as most little ones are), but I’m sure that today I’d be pretty into split pea soup recipes. You see, the dish happens to be a great alternative to the traditional chicken or vegetable variety so you don’t get sick of them—and it’s just that little bit heartier because of the consistency, plus, it’s packed with veggies.

And guess what? Contrary to popular belief, not all split pea soup recipes are like the version my aunt used to make (chunky, with peas and bits of ham scattered in the broth). They range from smoky with Canadian bacon to packed with Herbes de Provence, vegetarian, or even made slow cooker–style (hello, easy).

Below find the top split pea soup recipes you should start making on the regular. We guarantee you’ll love them wholeheartedly.


split pea soup recipes
Half Baked Harvest

If you don’t think split pea soup recipes can be flavorful, then think again. This version from Half Baked Harvest can be whipped up in just 30 minutes and all you need is six ingredients, plus spices. Top with lemon zest and pine nuts for tastiness times 10.


easy split pea soup
Pickled Plum

This one-pot slow cooker soup is made from onion, carrots, celery, water, chicken broth, yellow split peas (naturally), plus tiny pieces of Canadian bacon. If you’re short on time, throw everything in and cook on high for four to five hours (no soaking, browning, or stirring necessary). Done and done.


vegetarian pea soup
Pickled Plum

If you want to go vegetarian but don’t have a slow cooker, then this is the recipe for you. All you need is a little over an hour and a half, some vegetable stock, yellow split peas, bay leaves, celery, carrots, onions, and any of your other favorite spices. You’ll know the soup is done when the peas become tender, and at that point, you can make it as chunky or smooth as you like by stirring in some extra water (or not). Finish by removing the bay leaves so you don’t get a mouthful.


slow cooker pea soup
Hello Glow

Split pea soup can be made without ham or bacon, but you do need to account for something else to make sure it’s flavorful. What’s the trick? Going a little heavy-handed on curry powder works wonders in this take from Hello Glow that includes celery, onion, carrots, garlic, and red potatoes. Don’t forget to dip in some naan when the broth is ready.

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