You Can Now Experience Coachella From Your Pocket

Coachella week is upon us which means we have music on the brain. If you are like us and can't wait to get there or even if you're not attending at all, a new service from Spotify will now bring Coachella to you in the most personal way possible. Using your musical preferences and listening habits, the digital streaming services' new Personal Playlist Generator will create a customized playlist of 30 tracks from the 150 artists playing the festival. The service will help music lovers discover new bands to check out that will match their tastes and allow those watching the festival from afar the chance to experience discovering new or little-known artists, without having to wander the festival grounds in the desert heat.

Click here to check out the Personal Playlist Generator.  

Are you headed to Coachella this weekend? Share who you are excited to see in the comments!