How to Spring-Clean Your Home Without Lifting a Finger

Who doesn't love the satisfaction of standing in a freshly spring-cleaned and organized home? The squeaky-clean smell, the shining surfaces, and the meticulously organized drawers are all too satisfying to our type-A tendencies. What we don't love is finding the motivation for a deep spring-clean and gearing up for the task. While regular weekly cleanings are second nature, the notion of spring-cleaning is daunting just in name—visions of scraping gutters and scrubbing walls are enough to send us into a downward spiral of laziness. 

But here's the trick: Spring-cleaning doesn't have to be exhaustive. To get insight into how we can actually tackle a deep clean without sacrificing our brunch plans, we tapped home stagers, stylists, professional cleaners, and organizers to share their best spring-cleaning tips that are also quick and easy. Skip your regular chores this weekend, and tackle these instead—you'll have a sparkling house in no time. 

Next up: three hacks a professional cleaner knows (and you don't).