These Spring Cocktails Will Make You Forget About Winter Weather

There comes a time every year when even the most enthusiastic skiers and cold-weather fans start to grow weary of the snowy weather. Sludgy sidewalks and overcast skies are enough to give anyone momentary winter blues, but there are a couple of ways to herald the new season (or trick yourself into believing it's here) sans clear skies. The best place to start is in the kitchen—more specifically, at the bar.

If you're counting down the days until spring, these floral and fruity libations are just what you need. A far cry from winter's spicy mulled wine and spiked hot chocolate, these creations embody the shift of season with citrus notes, hints of honey, herb garnishes, and uplifting fruit flavors. Think fragrant gin and tonics, berry-filled Palomas, and lavender-infused sparkling concoctions. Dreaming about a vacation? Try one of these 10 spring cocktails and transport your taste buds to warmer weather.

Citrus Sage Tonic

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Level of Difficulty: Easy. ThisCitrus-Sage Tonic recipe takes just five minutes for prep and five minutes to put together. The only work required besides combining the simple ingredients is muddling up sage and a sweetener of your choice at the bottom of a cocktail shaker or mixing glass.

Hero Ingredient: Sage. The fragrant herb gives this spring cocktail a fresh taste made for the season.

Serving Tip: Save a sprig of sage to delicately top each drink before serving. It will look beautiful and provide a sweet smell to accompany every sip.

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Strawberry Chamomile Paloma

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Level of Difficulty: Medium. This Strawberry-Chamomile-Paloma recipe requires multiple steps, including simmering honey, steeping a chamomile tea bag, and muddling the strawberries. It doesn't require a great deal of skill, but it does take longer than a standard pour-mix-and-drink cocktail.

Hero Ingredient: Chamomile. The creation uses homemade chamomile honey-infused simple syrup to offset the sweet strawberry and tart grapefruit juice flavor.

Serving Tip: Give a lowball glass a sugar rim and garnish with fresh chamomile flowers.

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Elderflower and Honey Whiskey Cocktail

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Level of Difficulty: Medium. This Chamomile-Whiskey-Honey recipe also involves honey- and tea-based simple syrup, but it takes a total of five minutes to whip up.

Hero Ingredient: Honey. When combined with tea and lemon juice, this soothing, sweet cocktail will have you believe you're basking in a blossoming spring garden.

Serving Tip: Sprinkle with edible flowers.

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Elderflower Spanish Gin and Tonic

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Craft and Cocktails

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Hero Ingredient: Pink grapefruit. The hint of citrus balances the sharp juniper, sweet tonic, and woodsy rosemary perfectly.

Serving Tip: A grapefruit wedge and a sprig of rosemary make this blush-colored cocktail picture-perfect.

Hibiscus Gin Sour

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Sugar and Charm

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Hero Ingredient: Hibiscus. This Hibiscus-Gin recipe calls for dried hibiscus flowers to be simmered with sugar and water, and then combined with gin and Chambord.

Serving Tip: Spherical ice cubes give this all-pink cocktail a sculptural touch.

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Rhubarb and Fennel Vermouth Cocktail

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Level of Difficulty: Hard. The rhubarb fennel syrup doesn't require much effort, but you'll need a well-stocked bar cart to make this Rhubarb-Fennel-Vermouth creation.

Hero Ingredient: It's a tie between fennel and rhubarb. These two unique ingredients work in tandem to create an unusual, earthy libation.

Serving Tip: Use a vegetable peeler to carve long rhubarb ribbons.

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Lavender and Lemon Sparkler

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Rose & Ivy Journal

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Hero Ingredient: Lemon. The perfect spring brunch cocktail, this lavender and lemon sparkler takes only minutes to prepare.

Serving Tip: Garnish with a sprig of fresh lavender to inhale the heady aroma as you take a sip.

Rosemary Flora Greyhound

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Level of Difficulty: Medium

Hero Ingredient: Rosemary. Create rosemary simple syrup by infusing the herb in hot water and dissolved sugar. Then combine the syrup with grapefruit juice and gin for a fresh, aromatic drink.

Serving Tip: Serve over ice with a wedge of fresh grapefruit.

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Traditional White Sangria

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Level of Difficulty: Easy. Effortlessly throw together this White Sangria spring cocktail using whatever citrus fruits you can find, a bit of sweetener, and plenty of white wine. Simply muddle your mixture of fruits with a bit of sugar or agave and add apple brandy, wine, and more fresh fruit to a large pitcher.

Hero Ingredient: Fruit. Your ingredients may vary based on where you're located, but seasonal, fresh fruit is the star of this sangria.

Serving Tip: Top this fruity beverage with frozen berries, sparkling water, or fresh mint before serving to give this cocktail a little something special.

Fig and Honey Sparkling Cocktail

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Hello Glow

Level of Difficulty: Hard. You'll need a saucepan, food processor, whisk, and pitcher to make this Fig-Honey cocktail.

Hero Ingredient: Figs. The rich flavor seeps out of the fresh figs when simmered in honey and water. Thyme and orange liquor complete the cocktail. 

Serving Tip: Pour into a lowball glass and top with a fresh thyme sprig and fig slice. 

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With spring just around the corner, which tasty treat will you whip up first?

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