These Spring Cocktails Will Make You Forget About Winter Weather

There comes a time every year when even the most enthusiastic skiers and cold-weather fans start to grow weary. Sludgy sidewalks and overcast skies are enough to give anyone momentary winter blues, but there are a couple of ways to herald the new season (or trick yourself into believing it's here) sans clear skies. The best place to start is in the kitchen—more specifically, at the bar.

If you're counting down the days until spring, these floral and fruity libations are just what you need. A far cry from winter's spicy mulled wine and spiked hot chocolate, these creations embody the shift of season with citrus notes, hints of honey, herb garnishes, and uplifting fruit flavors. Think fragrant gin and tonics, berry-filled palomas, and lavender-infused sparkling concoctions. Dreaming about a vacation? Try one of these 10 spring cocktails and transport your taste buds to warmer weather.