Spring Colorfest <br>

With apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald and his brilliant literary devices (unreliable narrative anyone?), Baz Luhrmann's forthcoming Great Gatsby will be all about the garish roaring '20s visuals. We're pre-partying for the blockbuster's May 10th release with an art deco-infused colorway inspired by a film still in which Carey Mulligan strikes her very best pretty-but-vacant Daisy Buchanan pose. Framed by a curtain of white orchids and lilies, the celluloid postcard reads like spring viewed through a nostalgic lens; complete with an herb salad's worth of greens and a rosy lowlight. We're picturing this scheme as a glitzy-leaning dining room: make our fantasy your reality by following our three suggestions below. dh-hue-spring-palette-01 dh-hue-spring-palette-02 dh-hue-spring-palette-03 1. Walls painted a forest green shade of Sergeant make for a rich and moody backdrop. Add an unexpected highlight with a swathe of Avocado paint on the ceiling, and tie the extremes together with Cake Batter colored moldings for a classic finishing touch. 2. Contrast your deeply hued walls with a farm table coated in Passion Pink, then pull up a grand wingback chair of the In the Meadow-tinted variety and finish with blush peonies--no added pigment required. 3. Work with tonality and create an added pop with a chartreuse door. We're picturing waiters in tails weaving in and out of Citrus Tickle-stained doors.   dh-about-hue
dh-spring-01 dh-spring-02 dh-spring-03
Light Avocado #CI47, $33, Valspar Paint Sergeant #RLTH201, $40, Ralph Lauren  Cake Batter #CSP-215, $68, Benjamin Moore
dh-spring-04 dh-spring-05 dh-spring-06
In the Meadow #RLVM264, $40, Ralph Lauren Citrus Tickle #6008-9C, $33, Valspar Paint Passion Pink #1006-1B, $33, Valspar Paint
  Photograph: Courtesy Warner Brothers Pictures. Illustrations: Bianca Gonzalez Marra