Spring Colorfest

With apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald and his brilliant literary devices (unreliable narrative anyone?), Baz Luhrmann's forthcoming Great Gatsby will be all about the garish roaring '20s visuals. We're pre-partying for the blockbuster's May 10th release with an art deco-infused colorway inspired by a film still in which Carey Mulligan strikes her very best pretty-but-vacant Daisy Buchanan pose. Framed by a curtain of white orchids and lilies, the celluloid postcard reads like spring viewed through a nostalgic lens; complete with an herb salad's worth of greens and a rosy lowlight. We're picturing this scheme as a glitzy-leaning dining room: make our fantasy your reality by following our three suggestions below. dh-hue-spring-palette-01 dh-hue-spring-palette-02 dh-hue-spring-palette-03 1. Walls painted a forest green shade of Sergeant make for a rich and moody backdrop. Add an unexpected highlight with a swathe of Avocado paint on the ceiling, and tie the extremes together with Cake Batter colored moldings for a classic finishing touch. 2. Contrast your deeply hued walls with a farm table coated in Passion Pink, then pull up a grand wingback chair of the In the Meadow-tinted variety and finish with blush peonies--no added pigment required. 3. Work with tonality and create an added pop with a chartreuse door. We're picturing waiters in tails weaving in and out of Citrus Tickle-stained doors.   dh-about-hue
dh-spring-01 dh-spring-02 dh-spring-03
Light Avocado #CI47, $33, Valspar Paint Sergeant #RLTH201, $40, Ralph Lauren  Cake Batter #CSP-215, $68, Benjamin Moore
dh-spring-04 dh-spring-05 dh-spring-06
In the Meadow #RLVM264, $40, Ralph Lauren Citrus Tickle #6008-9C, $33, Valspar Paint Passion Pink #1006-1B, $33, Valspar Paint
  Photograph: Courtesy Warner Brothers Pictures. Illustrations: Bianca Gonzalez Marra