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18 Ways to Decorate Your Home For Spring That are Anything But Cheesy

Spring inspired bedroom with floral wall art and soft bed linens.

Keyanna Bowen

We see it year after year—with the end of the winter season comes an influx of pastels, rabbits, and ceramic eggs that signify it's time for springtime décor. Though these pieces are nostalgic and reminiscent of spring past, seasonal decorating doesn’t always have to detract from the current design of your home. And that’s where we come in.

Here at MyDomaine, we think decorating for spring simply means adding brightness, light, and simple refreshes throughout your home. There are many ways to reinvigorate your home's design while still feeling seasonal and fun.

You’re sure to fawn over these 18 ways to get your home spring-ready—with no Easter eggs in sight.

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Bring in Some Greenery

White living room with lots of neutral accents and plants.

Blanco Bungalow

Nothing says “hello” to spring quite like plants and fresh greenery do. Add a new plant baby to your growing collection, or try out a low-maintenance starter houseplant if it’s your first time growing.  

Sansevieria Moonshine
Bloomscape Sansevieria Moonshine $65.00
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Add Light and Airy Décor

Bright living room with neutral sofa and white fireplace.

Jessica Nelson Design

When we think about spring, we think about recharging, reorganizing, and incorporating brightness into our homes after a darker winter season. Add décor throughout the home that feels simplistic and airy: think serene colors, lightweight textures, and soft hues of white or woods. 

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Swap Out Bed Linens

Soft neutral bed with cane bedframe.

House of Chais

With the changing season comes not only a need to lighten the color palette, but to lighten your fabrics as the weather (hopefully) heats up. Swap your heavy duvet for a lighter quilt or linen comforter that won’t have you sweating. 

Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover
Parachute Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover Set $259,289.00
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Switch Your Pillows and Blankets

Neutral bed with linen pillows and wooden nightstand.

Light and Dwell

Say a final goodbye to your velvet or holiday pillows that may still be lingering and welcome in some fresh cushions and blankets instead. A simple way to instantly refresh your home, pillows in soft pastel colors and breezy linen blankets will have your home ready for the warmer weather in no time.

Linen Throw Pillow with Frayed Edges
Threshold with Studio McGee Linen Throw Pillow with Frayed Edges $30.00
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Try a Fresh Coat of Paint

Bright bedroom with blush pink accent wall.

Rikki Snyder

There is nothing like a good DIY to kick off the start of the spring season. If your walls have you uninspired lately, consider giving them a new look with a fresh new color. Painting will not only refresh the look of your home, but it will also inspire a new color palette for a room you’ve been dreaming of switching up.

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And Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen with painted mint green cabinets.

Cathie Hong Interiors

Cabinetry looking a little dull or dated? With the warmer spring weather approaching, now would be a great time to take them off their hinges, sand them down, and give them a fun coat of paint.

This is a great idea for all your cabinets, just your uppers or lowers, or your kitchen island.

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Hang a Spring Gallery Wall

Neutral sectional and black and white gallery wall hanging above.

Hannah Taylor Designs

Now is the perfect time to refresh your wall décor, and a gallery wall is a beautiful and personal option. There are print shops dedicated to the art of the gallery wall that allow you to build a coordinating pack of art pieces, or you can purchase matching frames and hang meaningful photos. 

Dried Floral Life No 1 Poster
Desenio Dried Floral Life No 1 Poster $1,538.00
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Swap Out Curtains

Neutral living room with sheer white curtains.

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

It’s springtime—and we’re looking to let the light in. Why not take down a heavier drape and let a sheer, airy curtain do the talking for the spring season? 

Plus, when the weather does warm up, it would be lovely to easily access your windows and open them—and that’s much easier without a large drape. 

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Incorporate Fresh Coffee Table Décor

Chic styled coffee table.

Jenn Pablo Studio

One of the greatest things about styling a coffee table is that the possibilities for decorating are endless. A simple update in your home for spring might include an easy swap of older books or décor for fresh new finds. 

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Add a Bright Rug

Small dining table with round woven rug underneath.

Katie Martinez

Rugs really set the tone for a room and establish a style, complementing furniture and wall colors perfectly. If your rug isn’t making the cut anymore, swap it out for something a bit more vibrant and fun, one that will ring in a new season of freshness and light.

IKEA RÖDASK Rug $50.00
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Go for Neutrals

Light and airy living room.

mStarr Design

Seasonal color palettes are fun to decorate with and all, but sometimes, the beauty is in the neutrals. Instead of leaning heavily into classic spring pastels and Easter egg hues, a more subtle way to decorate for spring is to go for neutral, earthy décor, as shown above.

Mixing wood tones and textures give neutrals a bit of spice and visual interest.

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Try Pampas Grass

Neutral boho living room with dried pampas grass.

Modernly You

The décor piece that has swept Instagram, dried pampas grass is faux stems’ chic, neutral cousin. This is a simple and low-cost addition for any spring décor refresh, and the grass looks amazing perched in a clear glass jar or a ceramic vase.

Dried Pampas Grass
West Elm Dried Hardy Pampas Grass $30.00
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Or Faux Flowers and Greenery

Pink sofa next to coffee table with faux floral bouquet.

House of Harvee

Don’t have much of a green thumb? Adding faux flowers and greenery to your space brightens it up the way any plant would without the maintenance. Faux greenery is not like it used to be, and there are so many chic options for faux plants that not only look realistic, but will brighten up any room.

Faux Rex Begonia
The Sill Faux Rex Begonia $75.00
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Consider Rattan Accents

Living room filled with plants and rattan accents.

Leaf and Lolo

Rattan has been having a major moment in the design spotlight recently. Cane and rattan furniture and accents give a gorgeous, naturalistic look to a home that will instantly refresh it for the spring, and there are endless options to consider. Swap out your lighting for rattan pendant lights and lamps, or add a rattan accent table or stool to a corner in need of some TLC.

Rattan and Glass Hurricanes
West Elm Rattan & Glass Hurricanes $79.00 $25.00
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Set a Fresh Spring Table

Floral spring dining table.

mStarr Design

No bunnies are needed in this table décor. To set a fresh table for spring, simply swap out darker dishes and napkins with crisp, bright whites and neutrals. Add some pastel dinnerware and gold flatware for a warm and inviting look to the table.

Old Havana Bread Plates, Set of 4
Anthropologie Old Havana Bread Plates, Set of 4 $40.00
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Don't Shy Away From Floral Wallpaper

Bathroom with bold floral wallpaper.

Michelle Berwick Design

If you associate floral wallpaper with an elderly basement, think again: there are so many gorgeous floral options that make a chic statement in a small space like a bathroom or bedroom. Add a temporary wallpaper to an accent wall for a bold spring addition with a ton of payoff.

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Don't Forget the Laundry Room

Pink laundry room with faux flowers.

Whittney Parkinson Design

To add some freshness to your daily routine, why not spice up your laundry room and get it ready for spring as well? This gorgeous space features pastel pink cabinetry and faux florals to liven and refresh laundry day.

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Spring for Some Floral Print

Spring inspired bedroom with floral wall art and soft bed linens.

Keyanna Bowen

We’re focusing on non-cheesy décor here, we haven’t forgotten. But, florals really are gorgeous for spring, and there are so many chic ways to try out this print for the spring season. 

Try some vintage-inspired floral cushions as seen in this gorgeous bedroom, or lean into that cottagecore-feel with floral dinnerware. All are amazing spring decorating options that still will remain stylish and chic.