The 6 Spring Paint Color Trends Interior Designers Are Already Obsessing Over

Unsurprisingly, spring is inherently associated color. After months of dreary grey skies and white, snow-covered terrain, it's budding blossoms and burgeoning blades of grass that undeniably signal the return of pigment to the landscape. Even in Los Angeles, known for its eternally temperate climate, blooming bougainvillea in bright hues of pink, purple, and orange are colorful signals that a subtle shift in seasons has indeed occurred.

To find out which nature-inspired shades are making their way into interior design this season, naturally, we turned to lead Decorist designers Elena Calabrese, Becky Leu, and Martin Raffone. From moody jewel tones to warm neutrals, these are the spring paint color trends the pros are already obsessing over. Want to be ahead of the curve? Keep scrolling for next season's paint color trend forecast, including specific shades to try come March 20.