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4 Ways to Spruce up Your Space for Spring in Just One Afternoon

Fresh spring bedding with neutral pillows.

House of Chais

Spring cleaning isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, but your space could likely use a bit of a refresh—especially after all the time we’ve spent at home this past year.

Only have one afternoon to get the job done? You can still make a major dent in the organization process. Just follow the four below steps, and you’ll end the day feeling much more in control and ready to embrace the season—we promise. 

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Purchase or Repot a Plant

Two large snake plants on media console.

Cottage + Sea

After months of scouring the internet and visiting local plant shops in search of a Ficus Audrey, I finally came across one on Facebook Marketplace one Saturday and was happy to give the green beauty a new home.

After picking up my new green friend, I was determined to replace the existing plastic planter with something more my style, so I ran over to CB2 and purchased a beautiful ceramic pot that now shines in my living room. Even though I live in a city apartment building and therefore don’t have any space to start a garden, welcoming a new plant into my home and repotting it with care made my space feel a little more spring-like and stylish.

Buying the plant secondhand also allowed me to save major cash. Certain types of plants, especially large ones, don’t come cheap—plus, rescuing a plant from someone else couldn’t be more eco-friendly and fitting for Earth month.

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Do a Pantry Cleanout

Cabinet with lazy susan

Mika Perry

Spring cleaning means tackling those spaces behind closed doors, too. After months of quarantining at home and stocking up on tons of extra canned food and dried goods, I noticed that my kitchen cabinets were begging for a little refresh. I spent an hour or so transferring staples like granola, pasta, oats, chia seeds, and the like into clear plastic containers.

It made a huge difference, both in terms of aesthetics but also functionally. I now know exactly what I do not need to repurchase for quite some time—I’m looking at you, penne—and can quickly access ingredients when cooking and baking.

If you don’t already have reusable plastic containers on hand, they can be purchased affordably at places like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx.

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Refresh Your Bedding

Fresh spring bedding with neutral pillows.

House of Chais

You’ve added some fresh touches to your living room and have gotten your kitchen cabinets in order—it’s now time to move into the bedroom. If you’re still sleeping with flannel sheets on your bed even as the temperature is starting to near 70 degrees, it’s time to make a change.

Toss winter bedding in the laundry and opt for linen sheets and a lighter-weight duvet or comforter. Once you clean your out-of-season bedding, stash it in an under-bed container or trunk to save space.

You may also wish to refresh your throw pillows for springtime. Take a spin through H&M Home or Amazon for affordable covers that speak to you and then place an order. For under $20, you’ll be able to revive your sleep space in no time. 

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Tackle Your Bookshelves

Large bookshelf wall filled with books and small cozy couch.

Domm Dot Com

Maybe you made a serious dent in your reading list during the cold winter months and are finding your space to be overflowing with novels. Go through your bookshelves and take inventory of which titles you’d like to keep and which you can pass along to friends or donate.

Every time I convince myself that I’ll totally read a certain book again one day, I’m also reminded of what a pain it is to move boxes of novels from one apartment to another. Unless you’re currently living in your forever home, you’ll definitely want to keep this factor in mind. Plus, book-loving friends are always super appreciative of free reads—or perhaps you could set up a trading system moving forward, which is budget-friendly and super sustainable.

After determining which books you would like to keep, arrange them so they’re front and center. The next time you have a free evening or are packing for a trip, you’ll have a few titles to pick from.