These Are the Only Bath Towels I Reach For—and They're Totally Customizable

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St. Frank bath towels

Photo: St. Frank; Graphic: MyDomaine

One thing that will really make you feel like an adult? Owning nice towels. For years, I settled for so-so bath and hand towels from big box stores, and while they did the job, I wouldn't say they were anything to write home about. Yet, as someone who invests a great amount of time into making their home feel special, I really should have taken it upon myself to upgrade my towels sooner. Think about how much use towels get, after all.

When I learned that textile company St. Frank was releasing a towel line, I was immediately intrigued. What struck me the most was that the retailer not only offers towels, but also sells bath sheets. They measure 40 inches wide by 70 inches tall (a regular St. Frank towel is 30 inches wide by 56 inches tall).

As a fairly tall person (I'm 5'7"), I've owned enough short towels in my lifetime that I was immediately intrigued by the concept of a bath sheet. We all remember awkward it is to waltz down a college dorm hallway in a towel that's slightly too short—and even though I'm now an adult with my own apartment, I still prefer for my towels to be bigger rather than too small. The St. Frank bath sheets fill a major void in my linen closet and are quite comfortable, to boot.

St. Frank Aegean Cotton-Linen Bath Sheet

towel set

St. Frank

What I also love about the St. Frank bath selection is that pieces can be personalized with a monogram. Having never owned monogrammed towels, I love how luxe this little touch feels. Monograms may be up to five characters long, and there are six different thread colors to choose from—so you can get a bit creative during this process, if you wish.

I always feel so fancy hanging my monogrammed hand towel up in the bathroom before guests arrive. Little details make all the difference, after all.

I always feel so fancy hanging my monogrammed hand towel up in the bathroom before guests arrive. Little details make all the difference, after all.

If you're looking to take on a large bathroom revamp and upgrade more than just your towel collection, keep in mind that St. Frank offers many other products for the loo. Why not pick up a ring dish to house your jewelry on the sink while you bathe? Additionally, a vibrant tray is perfect for displaying a perfume collection, while a footed bowl can hold everything from loose bracelets to hair accessories to makeup products. It's time to stop neglecting the bathroom and instead design this space to feel personal and luxurious.

bathroom products

St. Frank

If you're looking to invest in towels that the entire family can enjoy, check out St. Frank's bath bundles, which contain between four and eight towels each. Say goodbye to those worn towels that are better off being used as rags and treat yourself to something nice and plush. You can thank me later.