10 Easy St-Germain Cocktail Recipes to Make for Tonight's Happy Hour

Best St Germain Cocktails

Oh So Beautiful Paper 

St-Germain liqueur is made with handpicked elderflower blossoms in France, so if you're looking for a super-fragrant, sweet spirit to elevate your home bartending skills, this is it. Though it pairs well with pretty much everything, from sparkling wine to hard liquor over ice, there are a few cocktails that make it especially enjoyable. Plus, they'll definitely impress guests, since St-Germain introduces some artisanal flair without making you work too hard behind the bar.

To start mixing some professional-tasting aperitifs with this floral, delicate, and versatile liqueur, scroll through the best St-Germain cocktail recipes below.

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Pomegranate Spritzer


Minimalist Baker

This pomegranate spritzer from Minimalist Baker is the perfect place to start, and it's tasty and refreshing enough to enjoy all year long. It isn't too sweet, but the more you pour, the sweeter it'll taste. Club soda, a little sparkling wine, and pomegranate juice are all it takes.

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Strawberry Melon Pimm's Cup


Half Baked Harvest

This St-Germain cocktail recipe from Half Baked Harvest gives a fruity twist to the gin-based Pimm's cup. Elderflower liqueur is the perfect thing to pair with this adult and gourmet version of fruit punch. We'd enjoy this for dessert and happy hour alike.

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Parisian Margarita


Oh So Beautiful Paper

We've never tried a Parisian margarita, but this photogenic pink cocktail is about to change that. The recipe from Oh So Beautiful Paper calls for a few simple ingredients: agave nectar, St-Germain, lime juice, and tequila.

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Spiked Cherry Soda


Spoon Fork Bacon

This cocktail recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon will allow you to enjoy your favorite childhood soda while also making it age-appropriate. Sip on this spiked cherry soda next time you're craving something with sweet and tart cherries balanced by a bite of ginger and silky St-Germain liqueur.

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St. Germain Cocktail


 Boulder Locavore

This elegant cocktail from Boulder Locavore is light, refreshing, and super simple. All you need is dry white wine or champagne, St-Germain, and sparkling water or club soda.

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Tom Collins Twist


 Darling Down South

You'll love this twist on a classic Tom Collins from Darling Down South. Since the cocktail is served in a reusable drink pouch, it's ideal for tailgating. Garnish with cucumbers and lemon slices to make the drink even more refreshing.

Serve each individual pouch with a silly straw to make them even more fun and whimsical.

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Citrusy Champagne Christmas Punch


 Darling Down South

If you're hosting family or friends for the holidays, you need a go-to big-batch cocktail on hand to keep everyone's cup full. That's where this St-Germain cocktail from Darling Down South comes in. In addition to the liqueur, it's made with grapefruit juice, orange juice, cranberries, thyme, and gin, and best of all, it makes enough to serve a crowd.

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Sparkling Elderflower Fizz


Foodie Crush 

Don't let your healthy diet kill your happy hour. This St-Germain cocktail from Foodie Crush is a low-calorie alternative that still tastes amazing. The cocktail pairs St-Germain with vodka and a sparkling probiotic drink for a no-guilt cocktail.

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The Golden Snitch Cocktail


Half Baked Harvest

This Half Baked Harvest cocktail recipe is perfect for Halloween, or if you have a serious Harry Potter lover in your life. The whimsical play on the golden snitch blends St-Germain, whiskey, apple cider, cinnamon, ginger, and sparkling water together for a fall-flavored cocktail you'll be making all season long.

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Smashed Berry Rosè Spritz


 Half Baked Harvest

Is it rosé season yet? We can hardly wait to make this refreshing Half Baked Harvest cocktail. The combo of rosé, St-Germain, and fresh berries make it perfect for summer sipping, so go ahead and serve it at your next barbecue or picnic.

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