Surprising Solutions for the Most Common Stains

Memorial Day is almost here, which means you'll be busting out your whites for the warm weather in no time. While going with all-white-everything is absolutely encouraged, it's also a risky ensemble to pull off, as stains are inevitable. To temper your fears, AOL Lifestyle released an informative video revealing a few surprisingly easy ways to erase everyday stains. You'll find a few of our favorite stain-removing solutions below.

  • White wine removes red wine stains.
  • Chalk clears oil stains.
  • Denim wipes away deodorant .
  • Baking soda soaks up coffee stains.
  • Milk erases ink.
  • Shaving cream takes care of makeup.
  • Baby wipes eliminate lipstick.

Are you as mind-blown as we are? A few key takeaways: Always have a bottle of white wine around when you're drinking red; be sure to buy chalk even if you're not a teacher; and borrow some baby wipes from your mom-friends to keep handy in your handbag. Thanks to these hacks, we can now keep our whites, white.

These easy tricks for removing stains will make you feel better about purchasing a new pair of white pants, like these stylish cropped frays from Club Monaco. Which stain solution above surprised you most?