9 Standing Desks That'll Work in Every Room

You're most likely aware by now that your desk job could be compared to a death sentence in that sitting too much, which you likely do for a majority of the day, has been linked to serious health risks like heart failure and countless other disabilities, not to mention premature death. Knowing the severe consequences that stem from what researchers refer to as sedentary behavior (i.e. sitting all day long), we can't just sit (pun intended) here and do nothing.

The jury is still out on whether standing desks are the answer (or simply a new office fad), but health benefit studies have proven that when it comes to standing versus sitting, standing wins every time. Not only has research shown that being fully upright helps you burn more calories per day, which promotes weight control and a healthy metabolism, but standing has been shown to boost productivity in the workplace by 46%. The science-backed benefits for both well-being and efficiency from staying on your feet make strong cases for why standing desks should be implemented in the workplace. That's why we've scoured the web to find well-designed workspaces that will take you to new heights. Did we mention many of them are super chic too? So stand up for yourself (and your health), and shop a few of our favorite top-notch standing desks below.

Are you interested in a standing desk? Which style would you choose?