Start Your Morning Off With This Healthy Starbucks Breakfast Hack

Starbucks’s menu hacks are becoming the stuff of legend, after its not-so-secret multicolored beverages took over Instagram this summer. But it’s the coffee giant’s latest customizable item that might be the most innovative one yet. Breakfast lovers have found a way to get their oatmeal and coffee fixes all in one shot—or should we say cup?

It’s being called the “oatmeal latte” for the way it combines two of Starbucks’s most popular morning staples: oatmeal and coffee. All you have to do is order a bowl of oatmeal with steamed milk instead of hot water. Soy, almond, whole, and nonfat all work equally well. Then jack up the bowl with however many shots of espresso you require to make it through the day. Once that’s done, let the oatmeal cook for approximately three minutes, and then top it with any of Starbucks’s variety of yummy toppings.



My Current Situation! I could eat Starbucks Blueberry Oatmeal everyday! ☺

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If you’re wondering why these two breakfast spirit animals have never been combined before, well, they have. According to Extra Cripsy, Cuppa Joe Café in Breckenridge, Colorado, “has been slinging oatmeal lattes since 2015.” And if you’re curious as to whether this healthy breakfast concoction is meant to be eaten or sipped, let one of its original champions—Cuppa Joe Café owner Johanna Hirschboeck—tell you: “Both.”

Make your oatmeal game strong with this book of Oatmeal Recipes from Katya Johansson, and tell us if you plan on checking out Starbucks’s latest secret menu item.