Starbucks Has a New Drink—and It Blows the Pumpkin Spice Latte Away


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Starbucks has introduced a new coffee drink into its seasonal beverage lineup, and considering its contents, it's sure to give the pumpkin spice latte some serious competition. Starting Tuesday, September 6, customers will be able to order the chile mocha—a seamless blend of sweet and spicy that's reminiscent of a Mexican hot chocolate, according to Business Insider—off the Starbucks seasonal menu.

Made with espresso, cocoa powder, and a blend of spices steamed together with milk, the chile mocha has a more pronounced chocolate flavor than the coffee chain's original mocha. The whipped cream topping is where the heat comes in: Baristas combined cayenne pepper, ancho chile, paprika, cinnamon, sea salt, and a dash of sugar to create the drink's signature garnish. With that said, the chile mocha's spice factor is sure to surpass that of the pumpkin spice latte—as its creators intended. 

"Our customers expect pumpkin spice every year … but we also need to continue to innovate," Mackenzie Karr, a coffee education specialist at Starbucks, told Business Insider. "We've kind of taken the PSL, and taken the S and really blown it up."

Would you try the Starbucks chile mocha? Let us know, and shop our coffee essentials to whip up a homemade version of this season's hottest beverage.