Starbucks Is Charging for Coffee Ice Cubes—Here's How to Make Your Own

Updated 05/06/19

Have you ever picked up an iced coffee on the way to work and, by the time you arrived at the office, found it completely diluted? Ice cubes are one of the best parts about the drink because they keep you refreshed, even in the heat of summer. (Although, don’t put it past people to drink the beverage year-round). But how do you avoid your drink getting watered down?

Starbucks’s newest endeavor is aimed at solving this dilemma. The brand calls it Coffee Ice (essentially frozen cubes of coffee), and baristas add them to cold brew or iced espresso drinks in select Starbucks locations. When the cubes melt, it’s just like getting another jolt of caffeine… and your java doesn’t get watery. It’s a clever idea, but if you choose to add them to your drink, expect to pay an additional 80 cents. Paying almost another dollar for ice? To be fair, it is more coffee… but still. If you aren’t near a Starbucks location that sells it—or just can’t rationalize doling out extra cash for ice—never fear. We’ve found a totally simple recipe for coffee ice cubes to make at home (and you definitely already have all the ingredients in the house). Scroll down for a refreshing coffee ice cube recipe.


Starbucks coffee ice cubes
Half Baked Harvest

Half Baked Harvest's simple recipe for at-home Starbucks coffee ice cubes calls for a few cups of brewed or cold-brew coffee. So just make a little extra when you have your cup in the morning, pour it into your favorite ice cube trays, and put them in the freezer. For a little extra sweetness, mix in a dash of honey and some cocoa powder.

Be sure to read about how to take your iced coffee to the next level, and tell us in the comments if you’ve ever tried coffee ice cubes.

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