Starbucks to Expand Evolution Fresh Juice Line

It looks like the juice craze is here to stay. Coffee giant Starbucks has announced plans to expand its Evolution Fresh line, Fortune reports. Four juices will debut this spring at Whole Foods Markets and other high-end natural grocers nationwide. Two juices—green vegetable juice and a berry blend—fall under Starbucks “Protein Power” line. The other flavors are organic kale with sweet greens and ginger. Starbucks acquired the Evolution Fresh juice company in 2011 in order to expand its beverage categories to further the company’s business. The growing premium juice field is a $2 billion industry, so it makes sense that Starbucks wants a piece of the action. To determine the new juice flavors they “looked at the latest trends in juicing and nutrition to understand that consumers are seeking more sources of protein,” said Mark Ninomiya, product manager of Evolution Fresh. I’m a fan of the Evolution Fresh line, especially their tangerine juice and Defense Up blend, so I look forward to tasting the new flavors.

Make your own juice at home with a high-powered blender like a Vitamix.

Do you drink Starbucks juices?