Never Wait in Line at Starbucks Again—Here's How

You can breathe that sigh of relief. Snagging your caffeine fix has just gotten way easier. In the ongoing digitalization of just about everything we do, Starbucks has rolled out an update to its already-available iOS and Android Starbucks apps, which will allow customers to preorder their items and avoid long wait times.

Starting today, you can preorder and check out via the app, receive directions and a time estimate as to when your order will be ready, stroll into the store, grab it, and go. The app also stores recent orders to make for especially swift check out. The most impressively Starbucks element of it all? The app allows you to customize your order down to every last detail as you might in-store (“venti iced caramel macchiato skim extra whip with sea salt dusting” people of the world, we’re looking at you), which means every menu item has almost 80,000 possible combinations. Totally bonkers, yes, but it goes to show just how serious Starbucks is about encouraging you to use their app with wild abandon and skip that dreaded line, once and for all. Bonus: You can stop worrying about comedic misspellings of your name.

Will you be downloading the app? Tell us below!