10 Rooms That Prove Mirrors Can Make or Break Any Makeover

statement mirrors

Irene Lara Home

When many of us set out to redecorate our walls, we imagine sprawling paintings, vibrant prints, and maybe even the occasional vintage photograph. But in the midst of all this dreaming, we neglect one of the most valuable pieces of wall décor at our disposal: statement mirrors. Mirrors—in any size or shape—promise to add texture, light, and contrast to any room they’re introduced to. Plus, they tend to be nicer than prints and more affordable than fine art, making them an excellent pick for the sophisticated decorator who’s navigating a budget.

One of the most beautiful things about mirrors is that they can be exactly what you want them to be. Framed, floor-length options can dress up a bare corner. Sleeker, more minimalist picks can make a practical addition to any bathroom. Tinier finds can add some much-needed texture (and a little unexpected energy) to a gallery wall. And maximalist renditions can pull together a living room, taking it from blasé to breathtaking. Mirrors run the gamut from affordable to luxurious, from subtle to bold, and from decorative to practical. Rarely does any piece of furniture offer such versatility. But because the statement mirror landscape is so vast and varied, it reliably does. 

Another bonus? Because mirrors are so oft-overlooked, they can delight and surprise in equal measure. When you hang up a statement mirror, you don’t just get credit for decorating your space in a cute way—you get credit for decorating your space in an unexpectedly cute way. You didn’t just throw a few photos on your mantel or put a poster on your wall; you thought to fill that bare space with a mirror. You added form and function—and a little light, too. And the result is a thoughtfully curated space that’s as impressive as it is pretty. 

Framed, floor-length options can dress up a bare corner. Sleeker, more minimalist picks can make a practical addition to any bathroom. Tinier finds can add some much-needed texture (and a little unexpected energy) to a gallery wall.

Sure, it’s a little absurd that a seemingly obvious piece of décor could make such an impact on a space. But when that piece of decor is as chronically underrated as the statement mirror is, the wow factor feels—at least a little bit—well-earned.

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Full-Length Fancy

statement mirrors

Irene Lara Home

Full-length mirrors—especially those enveloped in ornate, heavy-duty frames—make a perfect addition to bare corners. Not only do they add a little aesthetic appeal, but they serve a practical function too: Now you have somewhere to go when you need to see what your outfit looks like from head-to-toe.

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Tonal Reflection

statement mirrors

Design: Maria Vatolina; Photo: Sergey Krasyuk

When playing with color, use mirrors carefully—they’ll take on the tone of whatever they’re reflecting. Here, a bold mirror offers a welcome pop of jade, as it displays the deep green cabinets it’s facing.

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Unexpected Shapes

statement mirrors

Fall for DIY

Circles and squares aren’t your only options. This half-circle mirror adorns this mantel thoughtfully, echoing the half-circle shelf it sits on.

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Wall of Mirrors

statement mirrors

Details and Swirls

As any maximalist will tell you, the more mirrors, the merrier. Why not make like Versailles and craft your own hall (or in this case, wall) of mirrors?

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Vanity Topper

statement mirrors

Room and Root

Use a small desk and statement-making mirror to create a DIY vanity—one that meets your needs and makes a stunning addition to your bedroom.

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Ornate Additions

statement mirrors

Design: @jackiekaiellis/APT La Fayette; Photo: @sliceofpai

Lean into the inherent elegance of your home by complementing ornate crown molding with equally ornate mirrors. Massive gold options, like this one, are a great place to start.

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Luxe Touches

statement mirrors

Design: Ponciano Design; Photo: Black Stone Edge

Dressing up your bathroom? Consider encasing your mirrors in a frame that matches your hardware. The result will be a room that looks straight out of a 5-star hotel.

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Instant Entryway

statement mirrors

Our Desert Digs

Mudrooms and foyers can be hard to decorate. When in doubt, a practical bench and a statement mirror can offer all the function and form you need.

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Simple Circle

statement mirrors

Design: Tuck Studio; Photo: Kelly Lawson

Anywhere there’s a chest of drawers with a bare wall behind it, there’s an opportunity to hang a serious statement mirror. Round, minimalist options make no-fail additions to any space—but bolder pieces could work just as well.

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Rustic Rectangle

statement mirrors

C.B. Designs

Remember, rectangular mirrors can be hung a couple different ways. If your mirror doesn’t work vertically, experiment with hanging it horizontally.