Sending a Cold Email? This Is How to Guarantee a Response

The email subject line is the most powerful section to ensure your message gets opened, so make it count. If you want someone to respond, organization expert Janine Adams says to write it directly into the subject line. "The one thing that gets me to reply to an email is when the person puts ‘—RESPONSE NEEDED’ at the end of the subject line," she tells Fast Company. "It’s very effective." 

Open your message with a clear request and provide a specific deadline. Professional organizer Lisa Zaslow says people often bury their request in the body of an email when it should be the first thing your recipient sees. "For example: Please let me know by the end of the day if you can meet for lunch on the 21st," she suggests. 

According to a Boomerang study, messages with simple words and short sentences have a 36% higher response rate than emails with high school or college level vocabulary. The take home: Cut complicated words and keep it simple. 

Emails with emotive language have a 15% higher response rate than messages with neutral words. Opt for positive words such as great, wonderful, or pleased to increase your chance of hearing back. 

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