The Locals-Only Guide to Stockholm

Editor’s note: When we heard that jewelry designer and blogger Jess Hannah was headed to Stockholm earlier this month, we couldn’t help but beg her to share her intel on the city, and luckily, she obliged. With a great eye for architecture and design, she brings us some of the best shopping, dining, nightlife, cultural spots, and hotels the city has to offer.

I've always been into Scandinavian design—with clean lines, fine craftsmanship, and a modernist view, what's not to love? I've been taking style and design cues from the Swedes for quite some time. After admiring the region from afar for a long while, this summer, my boyfriend, Tyler, who’s an architect, and I set out to explore this design nerd's paradise, and as expected, it did not disappoint. Read on for a few of our favorite spots.