26 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Outdo The Presents Under The Tree

Someone sitting on a flokati rug cutting wrapping paper to wrap stocking stuffers.
Hello Fashion
Someone sitting on a flokati rug cutting wrapping paper to wrap stocking stuffers.
Hello Fashion

When it comes to stocking stuffers, size does matter. But just because sock-sized holiday gifts have to be itty-bitty doesn't mean they should also be super-cheap throwaways that are short on style, either. In fact, small items tucked into Christmas stockings can be so luxe that they'll easily overshadow even the largest presents stacked under the tree. And that's what we're aiming for here.

From comfy cashmere to tiny tech accessories, these 26 stocking stuffer ideas are tiny but mighty, proving that sometimes the best things do come in small packages. Get ready to blow loved ones' minds with their practicality, thoughtfulness, and ingenuity, ensuring your generosity (and impeccable taste) is remembered for years to come.

Golden Matchbox Sleeve

Aerin Oversized Matchbox Sleeve $395

This gorgeous solid-brass matchbox is a luxurious yet practical addition to your scented candle repertoire.

Rose Quartz Roller

A rose-quartz facial roller alongside raw pieces of rose quartz.
Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Facial Roller $40

Skincare tools have never looked better: Polished rose quartz helps roll away stress and beautifies any vanity.

Cork Photo Stand

A round piece of cork with a slit that enables photos to stand upright.
Artifact Uprising Cork & Brass Print Stand $30

The holidays are the perfect time of year to get sentimental. Gift your sweetie with a favorite photo of you two along with this nifty cork-and-brass stand—they'll admire them both all year long.

Vegan Chocolates

Nine ZenBunni vegan chocolates in rainbow colors with a box beside them.
ZenBunni Chocolate Rainbow Box $30

Vegans in your life will appreciate this box of nine stone-ground, biodynamic chocolates in fun flavors such as Lost Salt of Atlantis and Mystic Mocha. Each box also includes a quartz crystal to, as the company says, "super-charge the love in your chocolates." Aw, how sweet.

Bluetooth Speaker

A green Beoplay A1 bluetooth speaker.
Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 $250

Don't let its diminutive 2-inch by 5-inch size fool you. This USB-chargeable Bluetooth speaker is one of the ultimate gifts for the tech-addict in your life: This has amazing sound quality and plays continuously for up to 24 hours.

Vitamins for Women

A bottle of vitamins with mint leaves shot on a yellow background.
Ritual Essential for Women Dietary Supplement $30

Give the gift of health with a month's (or year's) supply of potent nutrients. Designed to deliver the nine essential vitamins that females typically lack, such as folate, vitamin K2, and magnesium, these dietary supplements pack them all into just one tiny, vegan capsule.

Neon Makeup Bag

A neon-green zipped makeup pouch.
Anya Hindmarch Make-Up Pouch $350

If you really want to go all out, you can actually pack this stocking stuffer full of beauty goodies, too. Two different sections separate brushes from cosmetics, keeping things organized when one is flying or simply on the go.

Customized Dog Candle

A customizable candle featuring a dog's face.
Taja Collection Custom Doggy Candle - Midi $130

Try to name one dog owner who isn't completely obsessed with their pup. The animal-lover in your life will cherish a customizable candle in honor of their furry friend. Upload a photo, pick the candle's color, personalize the lid, and choose one of 13 available scents (including fragrance-free).

Striped Soap

A bar of Wary Meyers Cedarwood & Vanilla Glycerine black-and-white striped soap.
Wary Meyers Cedarwood & Vanilla Glycerine Soap $14

Wary Meyers' soaps are lovely specimens that mostly feature gradient stripes in various colors, such as this black-and-white number. It has a 100% pure vegetable base and is made without alcohol, parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, or detergents—a luxury, indeed.

Scented Detergent

A bottle of Santal 33 detergent.
The Laundress & Le Labo Santal 33 Detergent $45

Alone, a concentrated, all-purpose detergent that power-cleans even the most delicate garments (stretchy workout clothes, lacy bras, cashmere sweaters) is something anyone can appreciate on laundry day. But merging it with Le Labo's iconic (and unisex) Santal 33 fragrance will impress even the pickiest launderer on your list.

Snake-Embossed iPhone Case

Lizard-effect leather iPhone X and AirPods case set.
The Case Factory Lizard-Effect Leather iPhone X and AirPods Case Set $95

Protect your iPhone and AirPods like a boss with these matching red leather cases that feature a natural lizard print in a zesty, red hue.

Fun Notebook

A notebook featuring a drawing on the front cover that says, "Imagine Everything You Ever Wanted Below."
People I've Loved Imagine Everything Notebook $10

This playful notebook features the same friendly message on every page, making it the perfect gift for your favorite dreamer or wordsmith. On the first page, write an inspired message of your own to get things started.

Fancy Water Bottle

A glass water bottle inside a mint-green silicone sheath.
Soma Water Bottle $40

Choose a dishwasher-safe and 100% recyclable water bottle to accompany your S.O. to the gym and beyond; its protective silicone sleeve and shatter-proof glass make it so much healthier than using a BPA-leeching plastic number.

Calming Essential Oil

A a glass tube of calming essential oil with a roller-ball applicator.
UpNature Calm Essential Oil Roll-On $10

This essential oil roller is cheap (and chic) enough to slide into every family member's stocking to instill a calmness among the holiday madness that everyone will appreciate. Its mixture of peppermint, ginger, and sage oils are said to help quell anxiety and seasonal stress.

Lacy Lingerie

Five stretch-lace thongs in jewel tones.
Hanky Panky Signature Lace Low Rise Thong 5-Pack $80

Hanky Panky undies are a luxury in and of themselves: Made of soft, stretchy lace that The Wall Street Journal once dubbed "lace butter," these thongs have had amassed a huge cult following since their 1986 debut.

Stained-Glass Suncatcher

A stained glass sun catcher on a silver chain.
Janel Foo Glassworks Pirouette Suncatcher $78

Inspired by the artist's love of geometric shapes and bright fields of color, this stained-glass suncatcher is completely handmade and is composed of eight triangles of alternating panels, from iridescent to pebbled and bright blue.

Leather Card Holder

A red and pink leather zipped credit card holder.
Miu Miu Pink & Red Two-Tone Zip Card Holder $295

This chic, color-blocked goatskin-leather case will keep at least eight of the recipient's most prized cards organized, and could even pinch-hit as a wallet due to a handy zippered compartment in which to stow bills and spare change.

Wireless Earbuds

A pair of earbuds and their matching black marble case.
Happy Plugs Air 1 Limited Edition $100

Wireless headphones that give up to 14 hours of music and talk time needn't be pure white (or cost $250). The black marble print on these Bluetooth earbuds and matching charging case is so glam—and unisex, too. Plus, these are even compatible with Apple's Siri and Google's Assistant.

Sheet Masks

Five sheet masks in pink packaging with a matching box beside them.
Knours. Sweet Enough Rescue Mask $25

Sheet masks aren't going anywhere: According to dermatologist Anthony Rossi, MD, FAAD, "they help restore the skin's natural barrier by sealing in serums and active ingredients." These five masks are infused with rosewater and honey and are just what the doctor ordered for irritated, too-dry skin.

Dice Game

A set of wooden "foodie" dice next to a cloth drawstring bag.
Uncommon Goods Foodie Dice $24

Foodie friends will find quick dinner inspo with this set of five wooden dice that, whenever rolled, randomly indicate which seasonings, ingredients, and cooking methods to use when whipping up their next romantic dish.

Oil & Vinegar Decanter

Glass Oil Bottle with Gold Stopper by World Market.
World Market Glass Oil Bottle With Gold Stopper $6

Gift several of these to each family member and change their lives forever: This glass oil (or vinegar) carafe looks so much better out on kitchen countertops than generic bottles that are usually too large, super-ugly, and grossly sticky. Its slanted spout is weighted, so contents won't spill out unless tilted.

Concrete Coasters

Four blue and pink concrete hexagonal coasters.
Concrete Cat HEX Tile Coasters $80

This set of four hexagonal concrete coasters satisfies a practical need in anyone's home. Loved ones will appreciate the depth of their beautiful patterns; they can also be used as dining table trivets or underneath scented candles, as decorative accents.

Brass Keyring

A U-shaped nickel-plated brass keyring with two keys.
Werkstätte Carl Auböck U Key Ring $170

It's the perfect luxury stocking stuffer for that one friend who sweats the small stuff: This unfussy, nickel-plated brass keyring (also available in polished brass) keeps multiple keys on lock and will develop a lovely patina over time.

Cashmere Travel Set

Red Cashmere Travel Set
OliveLA Sofia Cashmere Emilia Cable Travel Set $395

Loved ones will clamor about warming up this winter with this red cashmere throw and matching eye mask contained within a red-and-pink color-blocked bag. Positively dreamy, soft-as-silk cashmere ensures restful, quality sleep whether on the go or catnapping on their sofa.

USB Charging Cable

Native Union Key Cable
Native Union Key Cable $30

Who goes anywhere without a charger? Now, your Secret Santa never has to leave home with messy cables, either. Thread this pocket-sized cable (tied in a monkey's fist maritime knot) onto a keyring or simply toss it in a tote for an uninterrupted, and super-stylish, power-up.

Tarot Deck Set

A tarot card deck with a keepsake box and manual.
The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck And Guidebook Keepsake Box Set $40

This tarot card deck and guidebook is the perfect present for anyone who'd like an unintimidating intro to the 15th-century practice of reading cards to glean wisdom and guidance.

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