How 2 Best Friends Started a Mega-Successful Brand With Only $100

Ever wonder what it’d be like to start a business with your BFF? For Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand, co-founders of the wildly popular label Stone Cold Fox, it was a no-brainer. The California-based designers take inspiration from vintage and do everything from designing the textiles to making sure everything is locally made. So what have these two lifelong friends learned about running a company together? Continue reading to find out.

“Everyone goes through life figuring out what their style is. It’s about being comfortable, fresh, and feeling good in what you wear. It’s the best expression of yourself without words, and you can truly tell the type of person someone is by what their wearing,” explain Morris and Wand. “It’s so important that throughout your career, you stay original and true to yourself and be an honest person.”

“We both know that we want to be successful, and we both work really hard at it. We’re in this venture together, so if one of us lacks, it shows throughout the entire business,” says the pair. “Even though we love to work, when things feel extra hard, we remind ourselves that this is just work. It’s our job and doesn’t define who we are.”

Morris and Wand explain it this way: “We started our business six years ago and had second jobs and lived with our parents. Every time we move to a bigger office, get featured in a magazine, or get to work with a big model, we’re always extremely excited. The slow-growing success isn’t something we take for granted, and it’s always nice to toast ourselves with a glass of Veuve Clicquot to remind ourselves of what we’ve built—especially since when we started we had roughly $100 in our bank accounts.”

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