9 Stone Fireplaces That We Want to Cozy Up Next to Right Now

Updated 12/08/17

This time of year, it takes all my effort to leave the house and go out into the cold to do just about anything—I was born and raised in the Northeast, but I don't think I'll ever get used to the chill. During winter, I love curling up next to the fire with a good book and glass of wine in hand, and we're sure it's pretty high up on your list too—which is why we've rounded up some of our favorite stone fireplaces for design inspo.

Why stone versus brick or wood, you may ask? Well the variations in size, shape, and color of the stones make for a particularly gorgeous effect.

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stone fireplaces
Bauer Media

This option proves that stone can be smooth too. A risen piece holding up the ledge adds serious texture and interest, as does the brick underlay. Want maximum impact? Finish with a brass mirror that doubles as a piece of art.

rustic stone fireplace
Bauer Media

A horizontal stone fireplace is a more modern take on the trend. Its length lends it some practicality as a console to hold trinkets and the like (just make sure to put them in clusters so it doesn't get messy). Plus, the varying shades of stones pick up the red and orange accents in the room like that gorgeous shaggy rug.

stone fireplace inspiration
Simon Watson /Trunk Archive

This is a statement-making fireplace if we've ever seen one. The stone starts as a platform and snakes its way up into an upside-down T shape that fits into the rich wood paneling. An old-fashioned hood suspended from the ceiling is guaranteed to catch your eye as soon as you enter the living space.

vaulted fireplace
Jason Schmidt /Trunk Archive

There are few things we like more than a vaulted ceiling, so when you combine it with a super-tall fireplace, we realized we were in love. The angling of the placement doesn't take up the whole room, but it will still warm it. Side note: The metal bird detail is a unique touch.

fireplace design
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

An all-white marble slab style is so airy in a white open kitchen. Props that the subtle veins match the wall tile. Also of note: The nook in the bottom is perfect for storing logs, which are décor in and of themselves.

cozy fireplace
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

For those who want to dip their toes into the trend, an inner section of marble surrounded by white wood paneling is the way to go. Although, we must say it's not totally understated because of the matching details directly in front of the fire that contrast with the hardwood floor.

bedroom fireplace
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Third time's a charm: A few levels of mismatched stones take things up a notch (or three). Slate details on the mantel breaks up all the natural hues. We suggest scattering translucent glass pendant lamps for a hint of whimsy.

fireplace inspiration
Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design, PC

Here's to an architectural stone fireplace complete with etching and just a bit of distress. If you look quickly, the positioning of the ornamental slab holding up the mantle appears to be carrying the large piece of art above. A trompe l'œil effect? We'd say so.

stone fireplace design
Amy Bartlam Photography for Kate Lester Interiors

Why let the stone end at the fireplace? This stunning take features almost a full wall of the detail—there's just a hint of white paint for contrast. An extra-tall opening for logs makes for quite a visual moment, so you can make sure to let your fire burn extra bright.

What do you think about these stone fireplaces? Share your favorites in the comments, and then read about how to decorate a small bathroom.

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