I Can't Tell You How Many Different Ways I've Used This One Piece of Décor in My Home

Eclectic living room with orange sofa, gold chest coffee table, and stool.

Kimberly Graydon

As a serial redecorator, I’m always transporting favorite furniture items around my home to best fit my layout du jour. And there is one piece in particular that has not only traveled from one corner to another countless times, but also has remained a go-to as I’ve moved apartments. 

So what is this magical find? A set of dip-dyed stools from Serena & Lily, which, though are a bit expensive, have provided their versatility in many ways since I purchased them in both sizes three years ago.

Small dip-dyed stool.
Serena & Lily Die-Dyed Stool $78.00

In my former apartment, I set the stools side-by-side to serve as side tables for my orange cane loveseat. The room was actually a petite section of my attic bedroom, and because the area was quite compact and the ceilings low, all of my furniture pieces had to be small in scale. Thus, the stools were a perfect solution. In addition to being functional, the stools added some modern flair to my more traditionally decorated space. And as an extra bonus, they were the perfect place to set a small plant or two.

Large rattan chair and dip-dye stool.

Kimberly Graydon

Now, in my current apartment, I’ve enjoyed bringing the stools outside to my screen porch when the weather is nice. There, they not only look adorable, but are perfect for holding a mug of coffee as I kick back in my oversized rattan reading chair.

Just note that because these pieces aren’t made for outdoor use, they may begin to experience wear if you leave them on a porch or balcony for an extended period. Instead, take advantage of their light weight and carry them outside as needed—they’re extremely portable. 

Stool and egg chair on balcony.

Heather Bien

I’ve also enjoyed using the dip-dyed stools in my bathroom. Placed next to the bathtub, they add charm and style to my small loo and come in handy as I bathe—since I usually set my phone and a glass of wine atop them as I soak. My bathroom doesn’t have much space for extra accessories and I had to be judicious in terms of what I introduce to the setup, so the stools have proven to be winners. 

While I’ve loved the look of my wooden and white stools over the years, Serena & Lily also offers both sizes in a moody wood and blue tone, too. In fact, I may one day have to get my hands on those and add them to my collection.