4 Smart Storage Spaces You Aren't Using—but Should Be

Whether you’re living solo in a tiny studio or share a home with your family, finding storage space is often a challenge. And while an obvious solution would be to address large areas, like installing more closet space or a new shelving unit, Real Simple points out that some key areas are underutilized in almost every home.

Struggling to find a space to stash loose papers or odd accessories? The secret is to look above, beneath, and between traditional storage units. There, you’ll find small nooks you’re not using—but should be. Search your home for these four smart storage spots, and outfit them with shelves, racks, and drawers. They’re so simple and effective that you’ll wonder why you’d never thought of them before.

  1. Above doors: The two or more feet of space above your door is one of the most underrated storage spots in the house. Make the most of the area by adding a shelf and using it to store spare linen or small items in decorative baskets.
  2. Below a washer: Avoid hard-to-reach overhead storage in your laundry by installing sturdy cupboards below your washer or dryer.
  3. Closet shelves: Maximize closets with wire shelves by adding under-shelf storage bins.
  4. Under desks: We often focus on styling the items on top of a desk, but it pays to look beneath the surface. Affix hooks to the underside of your desk to hang a basket for cables, messy stationery, and odd pieces you’d rather keep out of sight.