Baskets So Pretty You Won't Know They're Storage

Full disclosure: We’ll never reach the same level of organizational genius as Marie Kondo, and without a basement, attic, or comparable closet, it’s necessary to get a bit creative when it comes to finding a storage solution that won’t compromise your décor scheme. If you’re a sucker for holding on to your fair share of keepsakes and mementos, we’d like to introduce you to our favorite means of disguise: decorative baskets.

These intricate wovens, which come in all shapes, sizes, and textures, do double-duty to banish clutter yet boost the element of design in your open space. Store extra blankets or bedding in your living room, enhance your bedroom with a handy yet stylish take on a hamper, or keep your inner-minimalist satisfied with an extra organizational bin in the kitchen. Shop our favorite beautiful, and dutiful, baskets that will spruce up your space and keep it clutter-free.

Which of the above baskets would work best for storage in your home?