Everything You Need to Binge-Watch "Stranger Things"

Updated 10/23/17
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Set in a small Indiana town in 1983, Netflix's Stranger Things is a joyride of nostalgia that weaves influences from early Spielberg to John Carpenter into a rich tapestry of throwback sci-fi cool. There's much to love. To name a few marquee items: the eerily brilliant score by band Survive, the Goonies-meets-E.T. kid-centric story beats, and Winona Ryder. We could go on like a broken Clash record. Created by the Duffer brothers, the hit serial drama has been thoroughly embraced by fans and critics alike.

Whether you're watching for the first time or roping in new converts, we've put together an all-star assembly of key props to take your next viewing to a whole new level. Nailing the 1980s small-town aesthetic to a T, prop master Lynda Reiss hunted down vintage relics from flea markets, estate sales, and eBay alike. Hit pause on your life and order these accessories ASAP to throw the most authentic blast-from-the-past screening party anywhere. 

Yellow Rotary Phone

AllTel Vintage Single-Line Analog Rotary Phone $25

We don't want to give anything away, so we'll keep things vague. Winona takes some important calls on her phone company–issued rotary. 

Sweet Ride

Solé The Bixby $420

Get in the zone by organizing a group ride with your crew between episodes. Bike lights are a prerequisite.

'80s Flashlight

Everready Vintage 1980s Flashflight $20

Keep vintage '80s props as decor for your spread. 

The Race Prize

Marvel X-Men No. 134 $45

In Episode 1, this X-Men No. 134 comic gets a major shoutout. Have your own race with the winner taking home a copy. 

DIY Lighting

Novelty Lights Jumbo String Light Set $15

Turns out Christmas lights come in handy when constructing a DIY Ouija board. Hang 'em high.

Walkie Talkies

MacDonald Pair of Vintage 1978 Walkie Talkies CB Transceiver $45

Obviously any covert op is in need of CB radio hardware, so stock up.

Retro Film

Polaroid Sun660 Camera Pack $230

A variation on the classic Polaroid 600-type camera, this retro '80s classic outperforms even some newer models. Painstakingly restored by The Impossible Project, it's a must for throwback documentation.

Throwback Serveware

Think Geek Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wooden Cutting Board $30

Pay homage to the many Star Wars references by serving up pizza or a cheese plate via this Millennium Falcon cutting board. 

The Game of Choice

Dungeons & Dragons Vintage Computer Labyrinth Game '80s Board Game Complete $80

It's all fun and games until Dungeons & Dragons becomes all too real. If you really want to get serious, block out a solid chunk of time to take on the classic game with your crew. 

Nostalgic Details

Vintage Mid-Century Popcorn Bowl $36

Retro bowls and serve ware will jettison your guests back to 1983. For extra-authentic vibes, have them check their cell phones at the door. 

Cozy Constellations

Society6 Constellations Throw Blanket $49

Cozy up with this space-themed throw. You'll have extraterrestrials on the brain, so a literal blanket of stars is only fitting. 

Clever Cocktails

Think Geek Critical Hit +5 Stones of Frost $20

D&D-themed whiskey stones… You get it.

Mixtape Heaven

Panasonic RX-5500F Boombox Ghettoblaster Vintage 1980 $395

Go old-school with the same Panasonic boom box Will has in his room. A hand-me-down from his older brother, it's got all the homemade mixtapes on rotation. Time to take Spotify analog.

What are your favorite shows? Tell us what you're watching in the comments. What party can we plan next?

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