Try This 5-Minute Exercise to De-Stress—Stat

"The first part is to observe the breath, acknowledge the sensations in the body, and see if you can detangle them from the mind," says Cruikshank. If you're at your desk, take a moment to detach yourself from work and focus on the rhythm of your breath. 

Now, think about a moment when you felt overwhelmed. "Recount a stressful situation or a stressful day—anything recent enough that you can recall it in full detail and really connect to that memory," she says. Notice how your body changes when you recall this memory. "Is it possible to just allow the sensations to exist and to disengage the mind—to just notice and watch them? Take a moment to do this."

Acknowledge the sensation of letting discomfort or anxiety pass. "Consider that in the big picture, a month or year from now, you’ll look back on this one little stressful experience and it will be insignificant," says Cruikshank. Bring your awareness back to the present and be conscious that this moment is the most important. 

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