Try This Stress Ritual Next Time You Feel Overwhelmed

Stress is one of the most prevalent issues for the modern worker; the latest statistics suggest a massive 30% of Americans always or often feel stressed throughout their workday. Whether it's caused by job pressure (the number one contributor), money, or health issues, holistic health practitioner Hope Gillerman says she's found a simple way to alleviate pressure at her desk: using essential oils.

The author of Essential Oils Every Day ($10 and up) tells Well + Good that the scented oils are her go-to for a calm and focused mind. There is scientific merit to this theory too. German researchers have found that the smell of jasmine could be as calming as valium while another study suggests the smell of cinnamon might improve attention. Intrigued? Try Gillerman's simple essential oil rituals to alleviate stress at your desk.

Step 1: Put a drop of frankincense or cedarwood essential oil on the tip of each index finger.

Step 2: Place your index fingers lightly on key facial acupoints, including the temples, the inside edges of eyebrows, and in front of your ears. Pause for five seconds and feel the light pressure.

Step 3: Make slow, tiny circles with your index fingers. Gillerman says this helps soothe the nervous system. Prolong this mindful moment by sitting back and practicing slow breathing, inhaling the scent and focusing solely on the rise and fall of your breath.