Do This 5-Minute Ritual to Quell Post-Election Anxiety


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Women at the top of their game often say a well-honed morning routine is key to kick-starting your day, but for many, those precious first few hours can be the most stressful. If you struggle to squeeze in a morning gym session or you rise feeling clouded and overwhelmed, there's a simple method that's proven to provide clarity, no matter where you practice it or how many minutes you can dedicate: stretching. Like exercise, stretching boosts endorphins, which make you happier and calmer. An added bonus: It also improves posture, which can make you appear more confident and competent in the office.

Yoga expert Karly Treacy explains that practicing simple poses each morning is an effective and often underrated routine. "A good yoga practice means you are taking long, smooth, deep breaths as you work through your postures. This has the effect of awakening every muscle in the body while decompressing your nervous system," she tells MyDomaine. "The result leaves you feeling relaxed and alive!"

Here, she suggests five poses you can do anywhere, anytime to boost your mood and energy. "If you start from the very first exercise lying on your back and follow through sequentially it will be invigorating," she explains. "If you reverse the order and finish line on your back it will be grounding."

Try these four simple stretches tomorrow morning to start your day the right way.