One Studio Apartment 4 Ways—Follow Our Stylish Guide

Full disclosure: The first time I walked into my now studio apartment, I walked right back out. "It's much too small," I promptly told my real estate broker. "I would never be able to fit all my stuff," I convinced myself, reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that the one-bedroom space I was moving out of in my hometown was a luxury I could no longer afford—not in Manhattan, anyway. Six months later, though, here I am, in the very same overpriced studio apartment with the same limited amount of space. Despite its very obvious flaws (insanely loud heating pipes and, well, the size), it also has its charms: a quiet courtyard-facing top floor, a renovated kitchen with dishwasher, and sunlight streaming in from three sides. As many New Yorkers, I repeatedly tell myself that sometimes, the best things really do come in a small package.

The decorating of said studio did not come without its own set of challenges, either—squeezing an entire home's worth of furniture in a space that could essentially fit on a 9-by-12-foot rug is a jigsaw puzzle reserved for experts only. After drawing out dozens of layouts, I learned a thing or two about studio apartment layouts. Do you live in a studio apartment of your own? Are you considering a city pied-à-terre or converting part of your home into an Airbnb suite? Tour one studio apartment—laid out four ways—and pick up a trick or two about decorating in a small space.