Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipes to Spice Up Your Weeknights

During the winter, seasonal soups and decadent comfort foods tend to reign supreme. As delightful as these offerings may be when the weather first starts to change, by now, you may be feeling a bit tired of your usual rotation. If you're looking for something to spice up your dinner options, turn to a Spanish favorite—stuffed bell peppers.

You can dress up peppers with whatever ingredients you happen to have at home. All you have to do is pick a combination of vegetables, meat, and cheese; throw them together; and then bake them in the oven. Make them Mexican with salsa verde chicken, or go vegetarian with cauliflower rice. Get inspired to whip up your own creation with these stuffed bell peppers recipes.

stuffed peppers recipes
Minimalist Baker

The Filling: Prepare a filling with quinoa or rice, salsa, black beans, corn, and spices to make these delicious stuffed bell peppers. They're vegan and gluten-free, but they're full of protein and fiber to keep you full.

The Hero Ingredient: Top your peppers with cilantro and fresh lime to bring the meal together. These traditional flavors make all the difference.

stuffed bell pepper recipes
Foodie Crush

The Filling: The filling is made with mushrooms, chicken, rice, cheese, onions, celery, and a bit of seasoning. You'll be left with a creamy mushroom stuffing to fit inside green bell peppers.

The Hero Ingredient: Porcini and cremini mushrooms definitely take the cake in this recipe. They're bursting with flavor and add so much to this unique dish.

stuffed bell pepper recipe
Half Baked Harvest

The Filling: Far from traditional, this recipe calls for mac 'n' cheese and spicy Italian meatballs. Don't knock it till you try it. This recipe is proof that stuffed bell peppers can be made with just about anything you have in your kitchen.

The Hero Ingredient: The cheese. This dish wouldn't be complete without homemade mac 'n' cheese coated with cheddar, gouda, and fontina.

stuffed peppers
Fed + Fit

The Filling: Another twist on a traditional approach, this recipe calls for a creamy butternut squash mash topped with curried beef. Enjoy spicy flavors and unexpected textures.

The Hero Ingredient: This recipe is enhanced with curry powder and curry paste to give it a fresh new flavor.

stuffed bell pepper
Minimalist Baker

The Filling: Instead of beef or chicken, this filling is made with cauliflower rice, beans, and salsa. You can also top your peppers with avocado, lime juice, hot sauce, cilantro, and anything else you're in the mood for.

The Hero Ingredient: Cauliflower. This diverse vegetable lets you enjoy a vegan, gluten-free meal with all of the flavors you love. There's really nothing this veggie can't do.

stuffed bell peppers
Foodie Crush

The Filling: This dish is perfect if you're a breakfast-for-dinner kind of person. Fill your peppers with a butternut squash hash, a bit of thyme, cheese, and marinara sauce all topped with a sunny-side-up egg.

The Hero Ingredient: Brandy. Add a splash to the skillet while you sauté onion, garlic, and squash to give this dish something special (don't worry—the alcohol will cook down in the pan).

stuffed bell pepper recipes
Pinch of Yum

The Filling: Stuff your peppers with a filling made of quinoa, black beans, pepper jack cheese, enchilada sauce, and a few spices. The best part is you can cook these in the crockpot. Just prep your ingredients, set a timer, and go about your day.

The Hero Ingredient: Enchilada sauce is a pantry staple that gives this meal so much flavor.

stuffed pepper recipes
Half Baked Harvest

The Filling: This recipe calls for the basics of any stuffed pepper recipe—shredded chicken, salsa, cheese, and rice. Though instead of stuffing bell peppers, this filling is meant for poblano peppers, which are usually used in chile relleno recipes.

The Hero Ingredient: Salsa verde. You can make it at home or pick up a jar from the store.

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